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Kur - part three (?)

This one is part of an on-going RP with a band of Kurii - I was not involved with the early parts so still catching up on them - RP is below - my apologies for the lateness in posting it
 Part one can be read here 

 Part two can be read here

Endy looks up from peeling Sul's as he hear a door creak

Franziskus Ninetails smiles as he enters the kitchen after some business talk and the order to the blacksmith "Ah, there you are..." - emphasizing: "... MINE!"

Endy: "Greetings My Master" he says, unused to using the term, but liking the sound of it on his lips

Franziskus Ninetails opens his arms wide "You may hug me!"

Endy: "Yes Master" he says gladly

Franziskus Ninetails pulls his new boy into his arms, holding him tight. He kisses his neck

Endy feels the warmth of his Master beneath him, and decides he could stay like this forever

Endy chuckles, impressed by how strong the Master is

Franziskus Ninetails smiles and finally lets his new boy down to the floor

Franziskus Ninetails grins "If it was up to your new chain brother you would have been stripping right down at the docks"

Hrimgar Trading Bell shouts: A visitor wants to trade!

Franziskus Ninetails pricks his ears "Hmm, that was the trading belt. I'm going to take a look." - He looks around, considering a moment "Oh, best you come just with me as we need to go to the market later!"

Endy giggles, "If it was up to my chain brother I would be always naked" Endy pauses and thinks.... "ooohh... didn't someone say you had made him head of your chain, that means it.... oh dear"

Endy: "Yes Master"

Franziskus Ninetails grins as the boy finally understands. He reaches for the board with the keys, searching the right one, takes it off. then binds it on a binding fibre and reaches it to his new boy "Don't loose it, mine!"
Franziskus Ninetails points to the door "Try if it fits!"

Franziskus NinetailsFranziskus Ninetails nods "Fits!"

Endy turns the key carefully, and hears a satisfying click "Yes Master, it is a well cut key"

Endy wonders where he will put the key if naked but says "Yes Master...." "You wish me to take my bow with me to the docks?"

Franziskus Ninetails hands his bow to his new boy "Wear this for me"

Franziskus Ninetails shouts out to the docks, not knowing who rang the bell "COMING!"

Endy grabs his bag so he has something to attach the bow to

((Para was a Kur on the docks, Wicked is his slave))

Para growled slightly, "Thought as much, I saw you peaking out like a scared little animal, what with the sudden change in demeanour?"

Misha looks up to his sister

Iris Warwillow shifting a little bit "I was pekking because I was shooed away by the Jarl.. He didn’t wish for me to be seen.. I was peaking out of curiousness"

Franziskus Ninetails stops abruptly as he sees the big beast on the docks, his boy almost bumping into him. But he relaxes as he recognizes one of Krael's clan

Misha smiles

Misha: tal jarl

Misha: tal brothers

Endy: "greetings brother, sisters"

Iris WarwillowIris Warwillow her eyes moved as she heard steps "Tal Jarl.."

Para glanced upwards hearing the voices echoing through the hall as he sees the curious man from before as he nodded to the girl, "Very well..... I was curious as well." He laughs under his breath as he looks back, "Greetings again.... Franziskus." He tries to say, "And other human."

River: tal my master

Wicked: -her gaze turned from the Kur that was guarding over her, to the man that she recognized. her voice lowered and gentle as she spoke- Tal Jarl. I bring a request from Lord Kreal.

Franziskus NinetailsFranziskus Ninetails steps closer "Tal... Par... Pry... uhm... lord beast", and nods with a friendly smile to the pet of the kurii

Iris Warwillow hearing the Kur's response she gave a smile. As she just stroked Misha red hair a bit. A little tad bit more relaxed now that the Harbour Master had finally made his way out, to them.

Para grabbed the chain from Wicked's collar and tugged her forward, the chain wrapped between his fingers as he made sure to get her attention but not damage the large sheet of parchment she clutched, "Prayses. I take the courtesy to call you by your name, I expect the same." He glanced to Felina, "Now deliver the message, woman."

Franziskus Ninetails's eyes wandering between the impressive beast and the girl "A request?" - He looks around a bit nervously, not too happy to be seen so exposed on the docks conspiring with kurii.

Misha shoots River a smile as he sees him enjoy natures as much as he does.

((River and Misha both go around naked, a LOT))

Endy looks from behind the Master glad to finally get a good look at a Kur, he looks over his shoulder and pats Rivers knee reassuringly remembering how Kurii effect him

Wicked: -she yelped and struggled back against the yank on the chain. her small booted feet finally moving forwards as she settled between the massive feet of her Guard. shooting a frustrated glance to the harbour Master. coiled in her fingers was a small wanted poster which she offered to the Jarl.-

Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the kur "I try, but your name is not familiar to my tongue" - He bows his head a bit, not wanting to anger the kur with the slaves present, in case he not had breakfast yet. So, he tries to spell the name again slowly "Pray-ses. Was that correct?" - His eyebrows snap up?

River arrives back from his chores, stopping short as he sees the huge beast and the pet on the dock, silently he moves behind his master, kneeling next to his newly purchased brother. He flashes a nervous smile to mynx and misha then turns his attention back to the drama of the dock

Franziskus Ninetails turns to the girl "So greetings, girl. I think YOUR name I never got to know. ". He reaches for the small parchment and unfolds it. As he reads it a smile appears on his face, mumbling "Hmmmm... I think I can help with the one. Don't know the other name."

ParaPara looked around the gathering crowd with increasing nervousness as he toyed with the chain around his talon, "Prayses.... correct." He glanced and nodded towards the increasing number of people, but had grown tired of trying to greet each one individually a he found himself outnumbered in a way that made even a near thousand pound monster uncomfortable.

Misha takes the parchment for the jarl

(things got a bit confused here because the thieves guide had a RP that arrived at the dock at the same time as this, I have removed the part that were not to do with this RP – but just so you know why there are references to crowds))

Wicked: -her eyes filled with horror as the Jarl asked her name. quickly her head snapped upwards to the Kur that was holding her there, unsure of what she should do. Deciding not to offer the information for fear of reprimand, she turned back to the Jarl with a forced smile- any help you could give Jarl...would be handsomely rewarded. you are already familiar with Lord Krael's generosity.

Franziskus Ninetails looks around as the docks become more and more crowded, getting more and more nervous with too many witnesses

Misha takes a peek at it and smiles as he knows the names on the paper

Misha roles it up and puts it in his paper holder for safe keeping

Franziskus Ninetails looks over his shoulder to the storage hall, considering to invite the 'guests' there. In the move sees Misha has read the parchment and whispers "Inform the High Jarl about it."

Wicked: Jarl....might I place the poster in a spot of your choosing?

Para continued eying the crowd before turning back to Franz, "It is as the girl says, the Blood will reward you handsomely if you can find them.... or bring them to us.... They both have been a thorn in our sides."

Franziskus Ninetails points over to the storage hall "We better go to a more... uhm... private place!"

Franziskus Ninetails as Ades passes by "ADES! FOR A WORD!"

River stands up and runs to make sure that the trade hall is open

Ades Kanto: franz?

Para followed Franizskus, he had little desire to be here by himself as he tugged Wicked forward roughly by her neck.

Ades Kanto: you called for me?

Franziskus Ninetails whispers to Ades "Come please, this would be interesting for your camp too"

Ades Kanto: you asked for me franz?

River: should i close the doors my master

Franziskus Ninetails: Where's Misha now?

Ades Kanto: you asking me?

Iris Warwillow she stays back a bit as she watched the free and Kurr into the home she stood outside for now to watch the doors and docks. Inside be to crowded for now incase something when wrong.

Ades Kanto: looks at the wanted list

Ades Kanto: hhmmmmmmm

Ades Kanto: is there a reward for that?

River looks to his master seeing if he wants the doors shut

Ades Kanto: i can alert my people

Wicked: If I am permitted to nail the poster up...the reward is gold.

Franziskus Ninetails lowers his voice talking to Ades "I don't know, how much Eilly told you about our... uhm... collaboration with the kurii?"

Ades Kanto: i do not mind cooperating as much as I get paid, he grins

Franziskus Ninetails looks down to his boy "No, some fresh air is fine, mine"... then turns back to Ades "I know that Bunny... don't know the other name though"

Para pulled Wicked inside and looked towards the doors cautiously as he looked towards the humans. Praysus nodded, "Yes, Blood Krael will reward anyone handsomely." He turned to the cages, glad they were mostly wood as he ran a claw lightly through Wicked's scalp to keep her focused, "What of you Franziskus?"

Ades Kanto: well

Ades Kanto: i do not see a problem with that

Little Slut Nefes: laughs

Iris Warwillow looks looked at the Mistress that had apparently stoped in front of her "Tal Mistress" she was keeping watch on the docks quietly other then the small greetings.

Ades Kanto: i can try and do my best to get them to your kuri friends

Eileanoir Braveheart looks curiously inside trying to catch up the conversation and doesn’t say anything

Ades Kanto: slips the map into his pocket

Ades Kanto: i never liked that bunnymoon girl

((below is a pic of Bunny - pretty sure people are going to have fun capping her))

Ades Kanto: and here's Eilly

Ades Kanto: looks at her

I belong to Ades Kanto: she shot me once in Silver Tree

Endy sits quietly behind his new Master and nudges against his chain brother reassuringly
Eileanoir Braveheart chuckles " Tal everyone"

Wicked: -her entire body trembled as the razored claws of the Kur shifted through the tresses of her mane. seeing more humans drawing close, she pushed back against the massive form of the Kur for warmth and safety. her gaze turned to the Harbor Master before she asked- where is a good spot Jarl?

Ades Kanto: passes the scroll at eilly

Franziskus Ninetails smiles at Prayses and Wicked "That one - that Bunny - is a plague here. I wouldn't mind to get rid of her.... So, I am sure we soon can deliver you what you desire. However I don't know the other name on the list"

Ades Kanto: now that you mentioned that name

Eileanoir Braveheart takes the scroll from Ades "thank you"

Ades Kanto: does not sound new to me

Para nodded at the human as he grabs a copy of the map, "Hmph, I will look forward to you returning with them... or I know the others will at least." He was a bit surprised that woman was so wanted as he rested his massive hand on the girl's shoulder is she pushed near. He turned back to Franziskus, "We will appreciate help with either... situation."

Ades Kanto: mmmhh scratches his head

I belong to Ades Kanto: ewww ricka

Ades Kanto: mine why i remember his name?

I belong to Ades Kanto: a used to be in WWF a lot my Master

Ades Kanto: and also i am pretty sure the girl is seen often in this land too, hands a map to franzi

I belong to Ades Kanto: Ricka Deerhunter

Little Slut Nefes: Hears the name Ricka and smiles knowing him well

Ades Kanto: nods

Eileanoir Braveheart: Ricka... *she growls "that won't be easy...." remembers how he had her captured before in his traps wanting to sell her as coin-slut

Ades Kanto: mmmhhhh well i think we will do our best,

Wicked: shall I post it outside please Jarl? my time grows short as I must see to the Kur's meal.

Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm... a sign... let me see?" He scratches his head and looks around. "River? Look with the girl for a place where she can raise a sign!" - Then he adds "Though I am pretty sure we are able to capture both alone"

Ades Kanto: now if you excuse me i must stock these barrels of good wine, he says while he taps the turian barrel he's carrying on his shoulder

Franziskus NinetailsFranziskus Ninetails nods to Ades "You need help with the barrels?"

Ades Kanto: nuuuu you know me

I belong to Ades Kanto: giggles

Ades Kanto: i love working, he say trying to hide the fact he does not trust anyone on goods

Para glanced back to the human carrying the barrel and gave him a nod, "Very well, good hunting human...." He turned back to Franziskus, "Hmph, well we may have others from time to time and you humans seem.... helpful."

Iris Warwillow she had been listening inside to the conversation stepping a few steps forward away from the door not wishing to be run over once the Kurr moved out from inside

Ades Kanto: raises an eyebrow but does not dare to say a word at the kuri

Eileanoir Braveheart coughs knowing no person who is more lazy than Ades " aye Ades, I truly would run home with those barrels" she says a little sarcastically " sweating is good" truly looking forward to see him work all alone while she watches

Ades Kanto: bòeah if it wasn't for me you all guys would be drinking water tonight and spits on the floor

Ades Kanto: he bows at the crowd and leave the room

Franziskus Ninetails frowns a bit, wondering how Ades managed it to spit on the floor through the mask
[13:34] Ades Kanto: ((got me lol))

(Yeah, I know I should remove peoples OOC comments – but that one was too funny :oD ))

Ades Kanto: sees misha kneeling outside

Misha smiles at the blond jarl in this spit covered mask

Wicked: -quietly she slipped outside and unrolled another copy of the poster. Stepping up the wall, she pulled a sticky substance from her pouch and attached it to the parchment. lifting up onto tip toe, she pushed the parchment against the wall securely and took a step back.-

Ades Kanto: eilly want to help me?

Ades Kanto: you lazy woman always thinking about make up

Eileanoir BraveheartEileanoir Braveheart grins " you didn't need help" she walks over to him " come on, go on!" wishing she had a whip

Ades Kanto: rests a bit cause he's too lazy

River: runs to do his master's bidding

Ades Kanto: and heads home

Misha: safe paths jarl

Eileanoir Braveheart: " you can do faster" smirks

Para sighed with a grunt as Wicked ran outside at the edge of her leash as he looked back to Franziskus. He grumbled and moved towards the door, "We must depart.... I will hope you will see about these.... people. I appreciate your help as does the Blood, once again."

Misha: safe paths Mistress

Misha: safe paths slaves

Eileanoir Braveheart: be well mish

Franziskus Ninetails exhales relieved as it slowly becomes a bit more quiet on the docks. Apologizing he says to the kur "Normally it is not so crowded here at the docks."

River: here on the wall here will be fine sister

Franziskus Ninetails nods to the kur "I am sure we soon can deliver at least a part of your desire. That panther was seen often around here"

Misha stands and reads the wanted poster

Franziskus Ninetails: And the the... uhm... camp-people are very busy... in case they can make some profit

Misha: i am sure we can get that panther, she is always bugging us here

Iris Warwillow nods a bit to herself she so wanted that panther off the land.. she had seen her to many times prancing around like she owned the place.

Wicked: the panther will die. she attacked the Lord's prized trophy..... the white larl.

Misha: aye

River: i know that panther

Para nodded at him, "I understand, it seems busier than normal today, you have done good work in the past, I know our visits bring issue to you as well." He turned back and tugged on the leash to bring her back to him, trying not to snap her neck, "We will visit again when things are calmer..."

River: she is a menace.

Misha: i think she needs to be in a collar and be controlled by a strong owner

River: maybe your master will eat her

Franziskus Ninetails nods then suddenly remembers "Oh! Did you succeed in finding that.. nest?"

Wicked: -she turned- well ....unfortunately it will be Lord Kraels choice.

Misha: aye, she is too small to be a good meal as well

Wicked: True, or she may be used as a training tool for the Larl. she is still young and yet to have her first human kill.

Iris Warwillow moves to where the sigh was looking upward at it. It was a good sign and well placed many would see it..Hearing about being small and a meal she was glad she wasn’t on the list to be hunted.

Para shook his head, "I do not know, I have not gone personally.... so I think not, but perhaps we could get you to escort us, for a price." He grumbled, "We really must go, we have stayed too long.... Thank you for your hospitality humans." He snorted at the idea of making her a meal, "Come slut, I do not wish to here the Blood's ire if he loses his prize possession."

River looks closely at the girl that is the kur pet. "is it ... " remembering that he was meant to be a kur something. it was the reason he had been brought to Gor

Franziskus Ninetails nods "I wish you safe paths and good travels. Hopefully we soon can visit your lands too"

River: "terrible?" he finishes saying

Wicked: -she glanced at the thrall that was speaking to her, but hearing the heavy footfalls of the Guard coming closer, she simply lowered her eyes and did not answer, knowing it would cost her life-

Para glanced back and gave him a solemn nod as he gazed upon the litany of slave girls as he exited the hall, "Our task is complete, I have spent enough time here and I grow hungry."

Wicked: -she quickly reported to the side of the large Kur, keeping her head down-

Misha smlies at the kur and the slave 'safe paths lord, serve with fire bond"

Franziskus Ninetails behind the beast's back waves the slaves out of way as he hears the kur growing hungry

River watches the girl as she suddenly seems much smaller as she physically shrinks before his eyes. it must be terrible, he decided if that much fear controls her.

Endy watches the Master motioning, but not being certain of the gesture that River would recognise moves to sit behind the Master

Para stood there for a moment, a quirky glance on his face as he looked over the group before grasping Wicked's collar and literally dragging her to the dock, "I have never seen so many male slaves before...."

Iris Warwillow she watching the Kurr finally emerge from within. Her eyes would watch the Kurr and the pet. "Good Travels Lord, safe paths bond"

Misha smirks as he finds us males slaves shocking

Iris Warwillow giggles thinking he out of range "Well At least were all in one piece. "
River takes the first opportunity he gets to move to his master and breathes a sigh as the beast moves to the waiting ship

Misha smlies at the jarl and the brothers

Franziskus Ninetails waves to the girl "Safe paths, Wicked", he says, as the finally enter the boat again. His body relaxing obviously as the ship leaves the harbour

Misha: i think we can get that panther, i don’t know where to find that jarl

Franziskus Ninetails: The other one?

Misha: the other free. i seen him but i don’t know where he is at

River: the panther is always hanging around Hrimgar and Silver Tree. I think she was the one that captured me that first time my master

Iris Warwillow: Jarl Shock got her too

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((Ok..... yesterday was a REALLY busy day... it had some OOC heart-break, but quite literally at the same time one of the most stunning moments and wonderful of my life... the day quite literally left me overwhelmed

Well, I am now on a chain, collared to my beloved Master Franziskus Ninetails, and chain-brother to the wonderful River Airy. There are other chain brothers, but I have yet to really meet them...

Part one of the day is below where I was being bought, part three has been blogged by River so follow the link.. the moment for me was just... "wow"...  and thank you to my dearest brother for blogging it for me *hugs*

Yeah, I know part two is missing, Random Kur moment (LOVE the AV) I will get that bloggs soon... but right now, I am missing time when my Master and brother may be online so running to SL :oD ))

Ambrosia Caiben makes her way off the ship wanting to kill the noisy ass birds

Franziskus Ninetails: Ahhh, that gulls! They must smell the fish! They are even more nervous then usual!

Eileanoir Braveheart chuckles " maybe no fishsoup but .. seagull soup?" she smirked

Eileanoir Braveheart hands the fish to Nefes " hide it somehwere" really hating the seagulls and Nefes not able to tell her no as an answer anyway

Ambrosia Caiben: holds the fish out from her as she didn't want to stink "Yes Mistress" lifting she makes her way back to camp

Franziskus Ninetails smirks at Eilly "Doesn't taste too well... just take my word for it"

Franziskus Ninetails tilts his head looking at Eilly "Hmmm... for a word, Eilly.... I wanted to talk to you about that boy... Endy."

Eileanoir Braveheart nods somehow having a slight idea what he would want to talk about with her, though not being entirely sure as Endy can be a naughty boy as well and nods to Franzi " aye...?" she grins a bit " I have time now Nefes is bringing the fish home"

Franziskus Ninetails: I think the boy understands well with River... and River surely could need some help, as his other chain-brothers are on travels most of the time with my FC....

Eileanoir Braveheart smiles behind her mask "That is good to hear Franzi that the boys go along so well, and Endy can be a hard working boy" wondering if Franzi wants to lend Endy to help with chores or actually is starting to negotiate to buy Endy

River Airy hears his master's voice out side and runs down the stairs to greet him. happy to see him home once more

Franziskus Ninetails: I got to know him a bit too as we travelled to that... temple.... He seems to be a good boy to me..." - adds with a grin "... handsome too. So I wondered... " - he scratches his head "... if you would sell him to me"

River Airy: greetings my master, greetings mistress

Franziskus Ninetails turns as he hears the silent taps of naked feet on the docks. A warm smile appears on his face. "Tal, mine!" he says and pulls his boy closer to his legs

River Airy lifts his arms and rises up onto his knees pressing his face to his master's groin kissing the hidden bulge

Eileanoir Braveheart smiles seeing River approach and nods at the boy then looks back at Franzi frowning slightly not because she wouldn’t want to sell Endy as she was already looking for a master for him for quite a while but just because she frowns a lot every day "He is indeed a good boy and is very valuable to us... " she pauses looking over to Nefes "Nefes come" she points to the ground next to her feet then looks back at Franzi "we have been looking for a good Master to him, sadly found no one in the camp who wanted to claim him for themselves, and I think you would be a good master for him" she smiles down at River knowing Endy likes him a lot too

 Little Slut Nefes: "yes Mistress" she chirps and scurries to her feet

Franziskus Ninetails turns his head to the other side as he hears other naked feet on the docks. He smiles to Nefes as she returns, then turns his attention back to Eilly. "Valuable?" - Then a grin appears on his face as he understands "Ohhhh... yes... I think I know about the boy's skills in your.. business." - He considers for a moment "Hmmm... as long as I don't know about it... and as long as he would do his chores here... I wouldn't mind, if you.. uhm... borrow him from time to time for his skills". He winks in the hope Eillie knows what he's talking about. "You know - don't ask, don't tell policy"

River rubs his face on his master's leg, playing with the laces of his boots as he pretends not to listen to the conversation going on

Little Slut Nefes returns a warm smile as she listens... absorbing all for she was a nosey slut and didn't mind it at all.

Franziskus Ninetails slides his fingers through his boy's hair, but looking at Eillie, waiting for her response to his suggestion

Eileanoir Braveheart chuckles a bit and nods "hmmhmm exactly...  for our business, he learns quick" she looks down for a moment to scan the girls facial expression as she must realize by now they are talking about Endy to sell him to Franzi " that would be truly kind of you if he still can come over help us in our business when we need him" she smiles 'what would you offer for the boy" she asks next, she truly started to like Endy during the time he was in the camp even though he was just a boy "You are the first bidder, and as you are a friend, he will be yours when doing a good offer"

Little Slut Nefes : sighs softly knowing that Endy would probably be sold. Now who would she pick on?

Franziskus Ninetails considers for a moment, rubbing his chin "Hmmm.... the other day we got a full ship of finest silks from Ar...." - He looks at Eillie's leathered clothes and shakes his head "Well.... I don't think you need those.... let me think... what else?" - He looks down to his boy "What do we have to offer, mine? Have you gone through the storage inventory these days?"

River contains his excitement at having a new brother, knowing that he was meant to close his ears unless being spoken to directly. So he hid the bright smile he had on his lips but nuzzling into his master's tunic, inhaling the heavy scent of the leather and his master's musk

Little Slut Nefes : fiddles with her hair wondering if the slaver was ever going to wake up and collar her ass. Nefes wasn't one much for patience

River: you have some rugs my master, the silks as you said. paga and some food stuffs. River doesn’t say salt out loud, just in case his master doesn’t want to trade that,

Little Slut Nefes : smiles thinking she should steal the keys to Endy's chastity belt letting out a soft giggle at the thought

Eileanoir Braveheart smiles a bit now the true negations started, talking about goods or coins when paid to her always cheers her up and waits patiently to what Franzi will offer for the boy

River : I believe you also have some strong ropes that came in on a ship a few days past my master

Franziskus Ninetails nods and beams "Ah yes! Ropes! As well as I know you, Eillie, you can always need some good, strong ropes, no?" - He pats his boy's head for the brilliant idea

rivers golden hair (xcite) whispers: Franziskus Ninetails pets River on the head.  Good boy!

River (river.airy): smiles happily that he has pleased his beloved master

Franziskus Ninetails: Of course, we can also take a look at the storage-hall. Since the ice has gone from the rivers, ships are coming plenty and trade is doing well"

Eileanoir Braveheart grins "For a moment I thought you would offer me fish" she winks "A fine rope to capture a new slave for us to train, and..." she thinks for a moment "maybe some slave-wine" she looks over to Nefes knowing she might need to drink some very soon " aye have slave-wine?" she asks looking back at Franzi " For a rope and slave-wine we will have a deal"

Franziskus Ninetails's fingers continue playing with his boy's hair, he moves his boot a bit, teasing his boy, while he looks at Eillie. A bright gin on his face "Oh... fish we do have plenty too." - Then he frowns "Hmmm, I gave some slave-wine to that bond in the longhall... not sure, if we still have one..."

Franziskus Ninetails stands between River's spread thighs, the leather of his boots brushing over the slave's privates

Franziskus Ninetails pats his boy on his head "Go and see, if we have slave-wine, my lil sunshine"

River moans softly as his genitals are toyed with by his master's boot.
River : y .. yes my master, " I say shakily and jump to my feet and run into the trade hall to see if there is a bottle left

Franziskus Ninetails watches his boy for a moment walk away, then turns his glance back to Eillie, explaining "Gave that bond Mynx a bottle. Wanted to make sure, she's not getting pregnant. Slave wine is not very much asked for around here, as you can imagine. So I guess, there still must be one left somewhere"

Franziskus Ninetails looks to the storage hall again "Hmmm, what's taking that boy so long?"

Franziskus Ninetails shouts: you find it, mine?

River shouts: not yet my master

Eileanoir Braveheart chuckles a bit thinking to herself that when she tries to be kind and not too greedy asking for not too expensive goods that they might not have it and mumbles 'maybe I should just have asked for a fur'

River : i have the slave wine my master

Eileanoir Braveheart smiles seeing them both return " so... this is a deal?" she asks " if it is I will go to the camp to get Endy and bring him over to finish the deal"

Franziskus Ninetails nods as his boy returns with an old, dusty bottle. Normally he would negotiate and haggle harder, but for a friend he's satisfied with the bargain, as Eilly wasn't too greedy anyways.. and it wouldn't make sense to tell her about his 15 hungry children he had to feed, as he's normally doing

Franziskus Ninetails so nods and says "Deal! A bottle of slave-wine..." - He looks with a pity smile to Nefes, as he knows, what a nasty liquid it is, once been served slave-wine by accident - or not? - by a tavern keeper. Of course he spit it out all over the table, but the few drops remaining on his tongue, gave him a slight impression...

Little Slut Nefes : sees the dusty bottle and prays that slave-wine doesn't go bad not that it tasted good to begin with.

River is glad that he doesn’t have to drink it.

Eileanoir Braveheart sees him return seeing the dust on the bottle, honestly knowing nothing about slave-wine and how long it can be stored "hum... are you sure that bottle isn't too old, I wouldn’t be happy if our slaves get sick badly after drinking it" she looks at Nefes knowing Endy would just give it to her to get it tested on her "accidently don't have a ... hmmm newer bottle?"

Franziskus Ninetails: "... and a role of finest rope. Plus the condition, that you sometimes can borrow the boy sometimes for his skills"

 Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head "No, I'm sorry. No newer bottles. As it isn't required too often - as you can imagine - by the village, I stopped ordering more. But if you want, I can see if I can get newer ones on my next travels? I guess you don't want to have little slave-bastards running around in your camp?", he says with another look at Nefes. He scratches his head, a bit worried now if that slave-wine he gave to Mynx still has it effect - IF the girl drank it at all - or if soon there will run around a little Franzi-lookalike

Eileanoir Braveheart nods thinking about to get it tested on some female captive of theirs in the next days " all right we have a deal" she smiles "I will get Endy now" she visualizes a lil franzi lookalike running around in diapers " I hope the slave-wine will still work, ever imagined to have small Hideous lookalikes running around? It would be horrible" she looks at Nefes " well... that was just an example" hoping Hideous will never fur the girl, his smell so close might just kill her " I will be right back with Endy" she nods and smiles while running walking off to her camp

Little Slut Nefes : smiles then tries to imagine as she had furred the Jarl once

Little Slut Nefes : but shrugs it off as she was already prego at the time

Franziskus Ninetails smiles down to his boy "You're getting a new chain-brother, my lil sunshine. Helping you with the chores"

River : that is wonderful my master

River: with my other brothers still away I do have a lot to do on my own.

Little Slut Nefes : listens lifting a brow wondering how big the Jar's harem was

Franziskus Ninetails now for some reason - although of course he can't read mind - considers how the slave-wine could be tested on captives... Would mean to force them drinking it and then raping them again and again and again to see, if they get pregnant.

Franziskus Ninetails nods "I think that Endy will be a great help to you, mine"

River: I think so too my master

River pauses a second or two. "you know he is white silk," I whisper

Franziskus Ninetails grins "He won't stay that for long, my lil sunshine"

River : smiles brightly as it is always more fun having a red silk brother , it always makes bath time so much more fun

Franziskus Ninetails frowns as he sees someone jumping from one of the ships and sneaking quickly to the paths to the village. For a moment his hand slides to his bow, not happy with people arriving without even greeting. His gaze wanders from the visitor that vanished in the brush back to the ship and the captain. He tilts his head then turns to his boy "Did that captain pay port charge, mine?"

River : not to me my master

River runs to the trade hall and gets my bow, not liking the look of the person wandering around the docks and village

Little Slut Nefes : sighs and wonders if Eilly didn't run off with the boy

Franziskus Ninetails scratches his head again, looking to the path, then up to the village walls. "What takes them so long? I hope they didn't get problems with that stranger sneaking around!"

Little Slut Nefes : sighs as they finally show wondering if there are rocks in their boots "Welcome return Mistress, tal Endy"

River smiles at endy and then says cheekily. "remember my master, one should never buy a clothed slave, how do you know if he isn’t damaged in some way"

Eileanoir Braveheart pulls Endy's leash as he ran too far " come Endy .. at my feet" she looks at Franzi " sorry you had to wait, Endy still had to pack some clothing and other small things I wanted him to take with you, up to you what you will do with it of course"
Endy  looks over to Nefes glad she can finally speak proper Gorean again "Greetings Master, greetings River, Nefes" he yelps as the Mistress yanks him back being unused to the leash

Franziskus Ninetails smiles as he sees Eilly return with the boy "Ah, there you are. We already worried if you met that stranger who was just sneaking around here... and forced him to drink slave-wine and forgot about our deal. "

Franziskus Ninetails looks down to the slave and winks at him, then up to Eillie "Did you inform him about his fate?"

Eileanoir Braveheart gets a little distracted seeing des at the other side of the river in the lands of silvertree and shakes her head thinking he is always out to get in trouble then looks back at Franzi "you know me better than I thought, it could have happened aye... " she smirked " but no... I keep my word" she looks down to Endy with a smile "walking closer to Franzi holding out the leash for him " need me for any else to make it official, on paper maybe?" she suddenly wonders as in her camp they don't have such a thing as slave papers

Franziskus Ninetails tilts his head a bit at his boy's words and smirks "Aye, so true. The man who buys a naked slave is a fool. However... I trust Eillie"

Franziskus Ninetails hestitates before he takes the leash. He tilts his head again in his usual manner when he considers "Hmm... papers, Eilly?.. I didn't expect the thi.. uhm... camp-people to have something like slave-papers... But well... River can write up a purchase-bill later and bring it to you later to sign it!"

River looks up at his master and seeing him nod, i move over and pass the bottle to the girl that obviously belongs to the mistress

Eileanoir Braveheart chuckles " we do not.... I thought maybe you villagers do" she looks at the ground at the bottle of slave-wine "So the deal is done?" she asks "Well almost... " she adds just seeing the bottle of slave-wine and no rope.

Little Slut Nefes : takes the bottle grateful not needing to drink it just yet

Franziskus Ninetails just about to finally reach for the leash frowns "What by Odin should THAT become?", slowly getting enough from that stranger sneaking around masked

Endy  quietly passes Nefes a package from his bag "and whispers To help heal you each time you get into trouble Nefes"

Little Slut Nefes : smiles and takes it "Thank you Endy, though with you gone I doubt I will" tries to smile and not let him see her tears

Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head in disbelieve at the stranger, forces his attention back to Eilly. He finally takes the offered leash in his hands "We have a deal, Eillie. River will bring the rope too"

River: endy and i will bring it to the camp for you mistress
Eileanoir Braveheart watches the boy giving the slave-wine to Nefes not seeing the rope being given to her "I thought the deal would be slave-wine and a rope?" then nods as Franzi mentions it himself and lets go the leash with a sigh hoping she did well, not because of Franzi but because she truly liked to have the boy in her camp

River jumps to his feet and runs to the trade hall to collect the rope, the girl looked strong enough to carry it

River returns with the coil of rope and puts it by the girls knees

River: he then moves back to his masters side

Little Slut Nefes : starts feeling like a bosk with all she had to carry and loops it over her shoulder

((River had to log at this point))

Franziskus Ninetails lil sunshine, go and prepare the dinner

River : love you brother

River: yes my master

Little Slut Nefes : hears about dinner and hopes the Master likes stew since that is all Endy can make

River runs in to the house to make his master his dinner

Ades Kanto: tal people

Ades Kanto: he tries and catch his breath

Little Slut Nefes : "Tal Jarl"

Franziskus Ninetails tilts his head "Is that... Ades? Can that be?"

Ades Kanto: looks at eilly, wow my record, 3 minutes before i got surrounded in ST

Ades Kanto: pulls his mask off, old friend and smiles at franzi

Ades Kanto: how have you been

Ades Kanto: places his mask back on

Franziskus Ninetails beams "Ah, indeed. Tal! Long time no see!"

Ades Kanto: i see you got one of the nicest boy of gor, looks at Endy and smiles

Little Slut Nefes : plots on stealing Endy back

Endy  blushes "Thank you Jarl"

Franziskus Ninetails looks down to his new boy and ruffles his hair, then with a smile back to Ades "I think he first needs to get used to it. He's.... overwhelmed... of joy!"

Endy's black hair whispers: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.

Ades Kanto: haahahaha...i feel you two will be happy together

Endy  grins and nuzzles into his Master's hand

Franziskus Ninetails pats Endy's head "Go and help River, mine. We will take care of anything else later!"

Endy : "Yes my Master"

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Confused 2

(( Ok, so I take the micky with Nefes a lot, but really, she is a wonderful person. Today I had been a bit stressed, and well... rather than the usual serious RP today we just had fun with one - it really cheered me up - hope the RP makes you smile too))

Little Slut Nefes: "Tal bra..Endy" smiles sweetly

Endy: "greetings bitc.... Nefes"

Nisaa: looks over seeing a new face as i fall down lightly to my knees upon the grass not used to feeling grass as i brush my hands across it lightly

Little Slut Nefes: smiles warmly to the girl "al" hoping I didn't sound like a complete fool with my tongue messed up

Nisaa: hears a voice as i turn and look with a soft smile "Tal"

Endy looks over hearing a voice, then spying a collared girl looks to Nefes "Priest Kings! Another bond? Have all the thieves suddenly gone off boys?"

Nisaa: brushes up off the ground and wipes her hands and knees letting out a soft giggle as she hears the boy there speak she just grins in thought "perhaps there are not many left of good quality" waves a hand as she wonders off "be well you two"

Little Slut Nefes: "ell e ar ebber a ou" unsure if he could understand me or not but surely he knew we were better than them

Endy looks at Nefes curiously "You are chewing something?"

Little Slut Nefes: sighs knowing explaining would take to long and I wasn't sure if he could read so I stick my tongue out clearly showing 4 deep teeth marks from where I bit into my tongue. Then I point to my back showing why I did so.

Endy looks at Nefes tongue going it looking damaged and wonders what sex act Nefes was up to cause that damage, then standing up he looks to where she was gesturing

Endy lets out a cry of shock and horror "Nefes..... what happened" His fists clenching angrily he says through gritted teeth "what barbarian did this to you??"

Little Slut Nefes: sighs not sure if he would understand me "ba-assiz ave" though doubted he saw the badasses slave either of them

Endy looks at Nefes in anger "Master Az?" he thinks for a minute "of Silver Tree??"

Little Slut Nefes: shakes my head then tries to think I take my finger and shake it as though Endy was a bad boy then I point to my ass

Endy draws his bow and begins to check his arrows to check he would have enough to kill the Master for his violations, then pauses seeing Nefes motioning

Endy: "He told you off then took you up the ass????"

Endy stands up ready to storm into Silver Tree to kill the Master for his actions whether Free are allowed to punish slaves or not

Little Slut Nefes: lets out a loud sigh grabbing his arm

Little Slut Nefes: "baaaa...assezz ave"

Endy: "Yes, I imagine at his size it would leave you with a bad ass, I will get you a cushion when I return"

Little Slut Nefes: shakes my head clinging to his arm

Little Slut Nefes: points to me and him "aveee"

Little Slut Nefes: "un of uzzz"

Endy: "One of us took you as well??? That's even worse! Who was it"

Little Slut Nefes: sighs wondering if he cand read but then knows he can't evern cook so there goes that idea

Little Slut Nefes: "ave ippp me"

Endy: "Ard, Ard was the one who took you?"

Endy growls

Endy toys with his bow wondering if he can kill the Master from a distance without any of the other thiefs knowing."

Little Slut Nefes: shakes head unsure of what else to say but doesn't want him shooting the wrong person...."aaa boiiii ip me"

Endy: "Ard's boy hit you?" Endy thinks and puzzles as he cannot remember seeing Ard with any boy

Little Slut Nefes: grabs his shoulder thinking if he looks at my lips move maybe he will understand so I mouth 
"slaveboy whip me" hoping it sinks in

Endy looks at Nefes strange lips movements, then raises his eyebrows "Nefes, you are... lovely... and I am honoured... but you would never get past me chastity belt"

Little Slut Nefes: rolls my eyes and goes to the infirmary getting a piece of parchment and writing stick...I begin to draw a stick figure with a little loin cloth between his legs clearly showing a male slave. Next to it I draw a picture of a whip. Surely Endy was not dumb...ok not that dumb. Then I draw a picture of a slave girl, stick figure of course but clearly a girl and runs it back out handing it to him.

Endy watches as Nefes runs away them comes back with a piece of papar that she hands to him, looking at it he looks puzzled then growls "You think I have a small dick and want to whip it??"
zuri Rajal: greetings you 2

Little Slut Nefes: growls low shaking my head I grab the paper and point "Boi ip me!"

Little Slut Nefes: "al Mifess"

Endy dives to his knees seeing Mistress Z behind Nefes"

Endy: "You want me to whip you??"

zuri Rajal: are yoiu fighting

Little Slut Nefes: shakes my head "no Mifess"

zuri Rajal: no WHAT!

Endy: "I..... I... am not sure...." Endy says still being insulted by the "little dick" drawing

Little Slut NefesLittle Slut Nefes turns and sticks out my tongue to show the 4 deep holes made by my teeth explaining why I couldn't talk right

zuri Rajal: Nefes what happened to you

zuri Rajal: did endy bite you

Little Slut Nefes: "ba azz ave boi ip me Mifess"

zuri Rajal frowns not knowing what she’s saying looks at endy and motions him to come over

Little Slut Nefes: though likes the idea of blaming Endy

zuri Rajal: endy come here and tell me what happened to your sister

Endy: "She keeps either saying that Master Az or Master Ard took her ass Mistress, but she is also saying that she wants me to whip her" then scowling "and insulted my.... size"

zuri Rajal shakes my head

Little Slut Nefes: sighs and shakes my head no, turning to show Zu my back

Little Slut Nefes: "ave ip me" wishing someone could read

zuri Rajal: oh my thats terrible

Endy pats Nefes' hand "Ard did what to you?"

Little Slut Nefes: "oooo ot Mafer...ave boi"

Endy: "I have a Master and a boy?" Endy looks puzzled "Mistress, I think she may have a fever"

zuri Rajal: has Luca seen her

Little Slut Nefes: smacks myself in the forhead drawing my hand down over my face in frustration

Endy looks to the ground "No Mistress, I have not seen him in the camp"

zuri Rajal: oh I know

zuri Rajal: maybe we can take her to the Silverf Tree green

Little Slut Nefes: shakes head no wildly

zuri Rajal grab nefes hand

zuri Rajal: come girl lets go to Silver tree right now

zuri Rajal: my big brother Base lives there he can pay the green for us

Little Slut Nefes: shakes head no eyes widen with fear as all had been captured just yesterday

zuri Rajal: what’s wrong with you girl ...endy  what’s wrong with her

Endy looks up in fear at the Mistresses mention of Silver Tree, but bits his lip from saying anything in case he 
insults her brother

Little Slut Nefes looks to him to Endy and shakes him pointing to Zu to tell her

Zuri Rajal: endy what’s wrong

Endy: "I.. ummmm.... Mistress loves her brother" he asks carefully not wanting to say what a complete Kurii he had been the night before

zuri Rajal: why is this girl acting like this

zuri Rajal: did something happen to her

Endy: "I... I... think one of her sex games with a Master must have gotten out of hand Mistress"

Little Slut Nefes: eyes widen and I slap him on the arm

zuri Rajal: Nefes were you play sex games with Masters...that can be kinda rough ya know

zuri Rajal: I dont want to think of where they made her put her tongue

Little Slut Nefes: throws my hands up in that air as though I give up

Endy winces as the slap "That way how they punished you? The marks look more lie whips"

Little Slut Nefes: "BOI IP ME" raises my voice pointing to my back

Endy looks shocked "a silver tree boy whipped you?"

zuri Rajal bends doen and looks in her face as she yells....babab boy hit you?

zuri Rajal: on your tongue?

Endy takes out his bow again in anger

Little Slut Nefes: sighs as at least they were getting closer "Ba azz boi ip me"

zuri Rajal: nefes my brother should know that a boy hit you on your tongue .....that so rude

Little Slut Nefes: digs my finger into the dirt spelling out badass hoping one can read

zuri Rajal: come girl lets go tell him so he can correct this boy

Little Slut Nefes: shakes my head and moves behind Endy

Endy rolls his eyes "Yes Nefes, you have already told us that Az gave you a bad ass... but please.. tell us who hurt you"

zuri Rajal turns my head to the left then the right trying to make out what she wrote

zuri Rajal: no endy ...I think shes saying her ass is bad

Little Slut Nefes: shakes head and adds slave after badass pointing hard to the ground

zuri Rajal: well if the Masters were playing with it it must be something

zuri Rajalzuri Rajal looks again....hhmmm...slave

zuri Rajal: bad ass slave

zuri Rajal: yeah well if you play sex games with 2 Master your one bad ass slave Nefes

Little Slut Nefes: runs into the infirmary grabbing more parchment and a writing stick and scribbles a slave of the badasses whip me'....taking the paper I run out and waves it

Endy takes the paper and hands it to the Mistress

zuri Rajal snatches the paper and reads pretends to know all the words....she said bass was slaved by a...uummmm ummm wip

Little Slut Nefes: starts to cry in frustration

Endy looks distressed at Nefes crying "Your ass is hurting, you want some Salve?"

zuri Rajal: endy obviously your sister is obsessed with her ass

Endy looks at the Mistress and blushes "Yes Mistress, boy almost wants to be opened to find out what it is like to feel such passion for it"

Little Slut Nefes: eyes narrow to Endy but I don't even bother as my soon to be Master knew what happened

zuri Rajal: well she is cute

zuri Rajal: and she let 2 master have her bad ass

zuri Rajal: but thats not my call so just rub some salve on your ass or in your ass nefes

Little Slut Nefes: grumbles wishing I had my knife on me to end my suffering with these two.

zuri Rajal: then it won’t be so bad next time you play those games

Endy thinks for a moment about some details he has been reading in some scrolls and wonders if the Mistress will let him apply salve.

zuri Rajal: nefes can you put the salve on your ass or do you need some help

zuri Rajal: endy can put it on now and my boy luc can put it on later
Little Slut Nefes: looks over to the sleeping Jarl praying he wakes up soon. Shakes my head "ot my azz!" cries out in tears

zuri Rajal: WHAT EAT YOUR ASS?

zuri Rajal: my god girl you don’t get enough do you

Endy looks gratefully at the Mistress, though he would rather apply the Salve into her boys butt
Little Slut Nefes: brings my hands to my face and just cries about to rip my hair out

((at this point we took pity on Nefes, I had to use the RP tool to fake Aure))

 sleepy Aure "Will you lot let a guy sleep, the poor girl was whipped by a Bad Ass slave, now let me sleep!"Aure turns over and goes back to dozing

zuri Rajal: well you can eat each other and rub each others asses I need to go lay down

zuri Rajal: OOOHHHHHH

Endy eyes open wide "You were attacked by a Bass ass slave?"

Little Slut Nefes: nods as I look up through red, puffy eyes

zuri Rajal hugs poor nefes and runs my hands threw her hair

zuri Rajal: poor girl...poor poor girl

Little Slut Nefes: makes a mental note to teach these people to read

Endy: "Why did you not just write it down properly Nefes?"

Little Slut Nefes: growls as I had wrote down badass slave whipped me sadly the Mistress screwed it up

Little Slut Nefes: "reff ell Mifess"

zuri Rajal: wawawa she sayin

zuri Rajal: nefnef wa?

Little Slut Nefes: tries to say rest well again "Reff ell Mifess"

Endy looks shocked "Nefes, you cant tell a free to go to hell, she is not even earth born"

zuri Rajal poor thing cant tell a thing shes sayin

Little Slut Nefes: growls at Endy