Saturday, 30 July 2011

Surrounded by breeders!


Our Master was given a gift recently by a grateful client, so my brother and I were given a gift...

soon our army will be ready to take over the world, mwaa haa haa haa....

Or, maybe we will just sell nests instead XD

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Sorry, I would like to put this into more of a story form - but doubt I would have time before I would forget where the NC was...

Hopefully my Master will blog what happened at the end.....

Endy looks around, his Master still trading, and his brother away at the stores on the island getting suitable silks for them with the number of free women that have recently been wandering around the village. He stokes his chin thoughtfully as he pauses outside in the sun
"beating the rug.. done, feeding and cleaning the bosk... done, hmmm.... cleaning the trade hall... done.... and too late in the day to open it for the last few merchants on the docks.... hm......."
Endy paused thoughtfully, resting on the posts of the washing line, then, looking at the trees, he decides to pick some cherries whilst he thinks, as he heard his Master talking about wanting to trade some of their rich delicious cherries from the tree in their yard with some of the local townsfolk or the trader on the other side of the island. He picks up the harvesting tool from it place resting against the tree and begin to havest, singing a soft lilting tune under his breath as he does so. "ah, of course" Endy suddenly cries out, "how stupid of me!" he thinks, realising that it is obvious what he should do.... the cherries on their own should be enough to tempt most people in the village... but... the cherries in a pie... mmmmmmm....” He picks up the basket he has filled with cherries, and walks back into the house, pushing the door open with his shoulder.
Endy looks around, the kitchen, hmm... eggs, flour... sugar.. heh cherries!... He then walks over to the cooler. “Milk.... ah and yes, butter, excellent!" he thinks. He loads a box full of the ingredients, their home oven too small for the size of the pie he has in mind, he mutters slightly as he puts on his tunic to spare the blushes of the village free women and he goes out of the house doors and walks through their front yard, ignoring the wolf whistle from ol' grumps

Endy sings a little melody as he walks toward the village and smiles as he reaches the village bakery, their own thankfully lit, but not in use and he moves over to the counter to begin preparations

Misha beams. “tal brother, whatcha cooking?”
Endy  smiles back. “ Greetings brother,” he replies. “Cherrypie brother”

“Oh yummy,” misha answers smacking his lips.

 “ Tal Endy,”

Endy yelps as he hears the Master's voice and puts his hand on the hot stove in error

"greetings Master" he says hurriedly. He taps the side of his head in annoyance looking in his box "I left the sugar at home! Can I borrow some of the villages?"

The blacksmith nods and grunts “sure Endy.”

Endy finishes the preparation, and places the pie in the oven to bake
After an appropriate time Endy grins happily as the pie is finally ready and takes a pair of oven gloves to take the pie home "hot, hot, hot hot.....". he kicks open the door of his master’s house and dives to the table to put down the hot pie that is beginning to make the over gloves uncomfortably hot. He then heads outside to pick more cherries, when he spies his Master standing looking at the tree, and hurries over to hug his Master "Greetings my Master"

Franziskus Ninetails looks up at the cherry-tree, then over his shoulder "Greetings, my lil moonbeam. We need cherries!"

Endy smiles "yes my Master, I’ve just picked some, and made a pie" He  nuzzles into his Master, having missed him during his Master’s long day trading

Franziskus Ninetails thinks for a few moments then says. “ hmmmm.... we have to fill the basket. I better help you, mine.  Did that man mention anything else he needs, my lil moonbeam?

Endy blushes "no my Master... I think that... he was more interesting in..." Endy tries to think of a diplomatic way of phrasing it... "In talking trader to trader"

River finishes up his chores, drying the last of the plates and placing them into the cupboard: he hangs the pans up above the stove then wipes his hands down his legs. River’s ears prick up as he hears his master and brother talking outside and he checks once more to make sure the house is spotless before he goes out to look for them

River greetings my master," river says moving to his master's feet, and kneeling

Franziskus Ninetails points to the basket "Grab the basket, my lil moonbeam, we are visiting that man you mentioned". He turns his head left and right "Where's your brother to help carrying... ah there he is! Greetings, my lil sunshine" Franziskus Ninetails scratches his chin "Hmmmm... you said, you made a pie, my lil moonbeam? Maybe we should take that too with us? As... gift for good trades...."

Endy nods, frowning slightly that they don’t get to try some of the pie themselves, but knowing it will be good for trading "Yes my Master," he strokes his brother's cheek as he goes inside to pick up the pie "greetings my brother"

River spies his brother over by the wood pile and smiles brightly. "Greetings, my brother. I wondered where the pie came from my master, it looks very tasty. How has your day been my master?”

Franziskus Ninetails waves his boys away, saying “We still have one in the chiller I think. You too run and grab a piece each of that before it gets bad before we walk north. Franziskus Ninetails teases his first boy's cock with his boot "Better that is, mine!", he giggles, then gently kicks his boy's butt with his boot "And now run before your brother eats the pie in the chiller alone!"

Not having to be told twice River jumps to his feet and runs towards the kitchen. “yes my master,” he answers as he goes.

Franziskus Ninetails grabs himself another cup of black wine while he's waiting for his slow boys to get ready.

River takes a slice of the pie and then stuffs it down fast then runs and gets his tunic.

Endy whimpers having forgotten to take a slice before he picked up the basket and looking hopefully at his brother.

“i am ready my master,” river says breathlessly having rushed around looking for his tunic.

Franziskus Ninetails counts the pieces of the pie in the chiller and frowns "You didn't take one, my lil moonbeam?"

“Can you carry the pie my brother? You will need the gloves as it is still hot" Endy asks river. He blushes and looks to the floor with embarrassment, "I forgot my Master" he admits

Franziskus Ninetails takes a piece of it and holds it to his second boy's mouth as his hands are full with the basket "Here, mine!"

River crosses to the table, lifting a rep cloth from the side and picks up the pie

Endy smiles gratefully and kisses his Master's hand subtly as he bites into the succulent pie. Kicks the door to the chilla shut with his foot

Franziskus Ninetails grunts a bit impatiently "Come now, boys! I wanted to be back before it gets dark!"

“Yes our Master,” Endy mutters subserviently.

River hurries after his master

“All well, Ol' Grumpy?”  Franziskus Ninetails asks as he passes his aged assistant :

Endy scorwls at grumpy, hoping with his Master there he won’t try to flirt. His eyes widen and he suddenly shouts. “ my Master RUN!”

Franziskus Ninetails as he turns around the corner hisses to his boys "Back to the house!" he draws his bow from his shoulders

River runs back to the house as ordered dropping the pie on the table and grabbing his bow from the weapons locker

Endy shivers "was..that...? sleen? big..." he says in panic

Franziskus Ninetails chases his boys into the house and draws his bow, his heart beating fast from meeting a sleen in the middle of the village

Geordie calls out a greeting through his translator" Greetings my friend"

Endy joins his brother in grabbing a bow

River runs back out to join his master

Endy "Grumpy, get inside!" ((note from river, a slave ordering a free!!! ))

Franziskus Ninetails hears a voice... metallic from a translator. He frowns, not sure who spoken there, mumbling to himself "A speaking sleen?"

Cookie chases the slave back up the steps with a hiss. Then rolls over keeping one eye on the stairs and a tongue flicking out to test the air..before flopping over for a half sleep

Franziskus Ninetails's grip at the bow gets even tighter as he sees a kur coming around the corner in addition to the sleen. A very un-gorean scream of surprise escaping his lips, “Aah!”

Geordie gives a low growl, hauling on the chain to drag the sleen up the steps.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The reason we build is love...

of others
of the joy of creation
of experimentation
of fun

(heh, the man's obsession with getting the flower just right reminded me of my Master a little XD )

Thank you my Master for all you are teaching me, and my brother for your patience *hugs both*

Monday, 4 July 2011

It's all Derren's fault!

I resisted when he posted that he wanted one...

I managed to resist when the handsome Tel bought Derren one.....

.... but.... the market to the OOC dance having a giant Meroo picture to tempt me...

it was just to much.... I admit, I'm weak....

I'z haz a Merroo too

Cute huh?