Monday, 15 August 2011

My back is so sore....

[12:23] Endy carries the basket up to the village kalana field, deciding leaving their own grapes will mean they can harvest some last to brew the wine for his Master
 [12:27] Endy sings a sad Song under his breath as he works, the beating making the boredom of chosing and harvesting the best grapes slight less monotonous
 [12:31] Endy stretches and wipes the sweat off his brow with the back of his arm, his hand slide down to the small of his back as he leans back hearing a satisfying click as the bone moves back into place. Inspecting the wine he moves on to the next deciding that the vine he had been working on had nothing more to provide to him
 [12:32] Misha: tal brother
[12:33] Misha: dont you now the rules about picking
[12:33] Endy jumps visible, then looking over his shoulder says "Tal"
[12:33] Misha: oh don’t stop picking
[12:34] Endy blushes and stand up "oh, sorry brother, I did not know there were regulations, I thought the fields were for use of all in the village"
[12:34] Misha: aye
 [12:34] Misha: thralls can only pick if they are naked
 [12:35] Endy lowers his eyes to the ground, worried his is going to be be in trouble with his Master, then his eyes leap up to meet Misha's at his words, his eyesbrow raises "Really?" he asks, a heavy note of doubt in his voice
[12:35] Misha laughs
[12:35] Misha: no
[12:35] Misha: i am teasing
[12:35] Misha: i just wanted to see your butt
 [12:36] Endy giggles knowing Misha's love of nakedness and winks "you only have to ask brother"
 [12:36] Misha laughs
[12:36] Misha: but this is more fun
 [12:38] Endy smiles and points with the hoen knife to the basket he has been filling "I was just getting a good supply of grapes, my Master has said that your Master is willing for you to teach me some time how to make wine?"
[12:38] Misha: aye
[12:38] Misha: its very easy
[12:38] Misha: speaking of my master
[12:38] Misha: i need to go see him
[12:39] Endy points to the village wall "He went that way a short while ago, he made me jump, I almost cut myself with the knife"
[12:39] Misha: oh my
[12:39] Misha: thank you brother and safe paths
[12:40] Misha runs up kisses him on the cheek before he runs to his Master
[12:40] Endy smiles "safe paths, and handsome Masters to serve brother"
[12:45] Endy chuckles at Misha's joke and goes back to the vine, carefully pruning and picking the best grapes
 [12:48] Endy beginds to sing again to releave the boredom he feels in the back breaking task
 [12:49] Endy sings softly one of the tunes he has learned in the desert
[13:07] Endy stand slowly, his hand moving to his back, finding it stiff and sore from the days picking in the field, he picks up the basket deciding that there will be enough grapes for him to learn with Misha, and heads back to his Master's home promising himself a nice relaxing bath in the slave tub

Friday, 12 August 2011

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Have you done your chores?

Endy reads through the scroll checking that his brother, as a good first boy has obeyed their Master in completing the chores set for him that day and mentally ticks of his Master's orders in his head as he checks.

Content that the chores are completed and that their Master should be satisfied Endy purrs softly that his brother has been such a good boy, and goes about his own mundane chores for the day

Monday, 8 August 2011

Eyes wide open now...

Some choice leave us full of dispair
doubting, confused and questioning
now I know my choice was right
and that I am loved.

No more hurt
no more confusion
acceptance of what happened

Your words are now a leaf in the wind
soon blown away
the hurt you caused bandaged
and making me stronger by understanding
I wonder if a single honeyed word from your mouth was true.

Time does not remove the hurt wounds caused
it does not make things not exist
but it gives us time
to know
to grow
to love
to be loved
to learn
to understand
and grow stronger.

I understand now what people were saying
I understand what I turned a blind eye to
I understand where my foolishness lay
I understand reactions I could not before
and I know by those who mean it, I really am loved.

In words you have used before "Welcome to mute"

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mr Roo finally did the dirty!

I was worried, I thought he was destined to eat some honey and become a pet without ever making little chirpy noises in the grass.. only to wake up this morning to find a brand new nest waiting. 

He da daddy!

Heh, apparently my girls aren't good enough and he was hankering after one of Rivers.