Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Just hanging round with me bro's

((Heh, we got a bit distracted when furnishing... ))

Franziskus Ninetails: no idea where to put the wine-making

River Airy: probably around the back of the house

Franziskus Ninetails: I think I want the verr outside

River Airy: aye its in the place where you punish your boys

Franziskus Ninetails grins "Yes, this will do.... Maybe I hang a rack up here with spanking-tools

Franziskus Ninetails drags River to a stool and bending him over his knee spanks River repeatedly
River Airy: ohhh
River Airy: ahh
River Airy: ahh
River Airy: ahhh
River Airy: ahh

Endymion Avalira winces, but finds himself unable to look away

River Airy squirms on his master's lap as his master spanks his exposed arse

Franziskus Ninetails: soooo.. I can say "Meet me in the barn!" and you boys will know what's up!

River Airy: yes my master

Mamba Serpente: yes our Master

Endymion Avalira gulps

Franziskus Ninetails: get up now, my lil sunshine. We have things to do

Mamba Serpente smiles evily

Franziskus Ninetails: oh, and I can tie you up there

Franziskus Ninetails: chain you

Franziskus Ninetails looks at his three boys and considers which to choose to try out

Franziskus latches a chain to Endy's collar and looks around for a place to attach the other end.

Franziskus hooks chains to Endy's limbs and looks around for a place to suspend him

Mamba Serpente: ooohhh

River Airy: ohhh

Endymion Avalira gulps

Mamba Serpente looks at his brother hanging from the ceiling

Franziskus Ninetails: how do you like this?

Franziskus Ninetails: hmmm.... I could rub salt into your ball.....

Franziskus Ninetails: the bosk would love to lick it off

Franziskus Ninetails grins evil

Endymion Avalira: eeek!

Mamba Serpente giggles

River Airy: groans

Endymion Avalira watches Betsy cautiously

Mamba Serpente: only on balls our Master ?

River Airy: that is bad enough mamba

Franziskus Ninetails: cock too, I guess

Mamba Serpente grins thinking that on asshole would be the worst

Franziskus Ninetails: so, you like to hang out with your brothers, my lil moonbeam?

Endymion Avalira thinks hard but keeps to the 'slave paces' "Yes My Master"

Franziskus hooks chains to River's limbs and looks around for a place to suspend him

River Airy: ohhh

Franziskus Ninetails: hehe

Franziskus Ninetails: I like that

Franziskus Ninetails searches for a third hook

Endymion Avalira worries that their Master has found a way to replace the meat supply

Mamba Serpente smiles happily

River Airy: groans as his body weight pulls him down unable to move to reach his bonds

Franziskus hooks chains to mamba's limbs and looks around for a place to suspend him.  (left click a ChainAnywhere target above the ground)

Mamba Serpente: mmmhhhh

Mamba Serpente grins feeling the chains locked by his Master

Mamba Serpente: ooohhhh

Mamba Serpente quivers helplessly and happy to be with his brothers

Endymion Avalira whimpers unsure what they have done to anger their Master but strangely turned on by his vulnerability and his brothers

Franziskus Ninetails puRrrrrrrrssssss

Mamba Serpente gets aroused exposed like that

Endy's ass is spanked by Franziskus Ninetails.

Endymion Avalira moans softly

River Airy: groans as the blood rushes to his head and he feels slightly queasy as he swings back and forth

Franziskus Ninetails adjusts his package, growing very tight in his pants

Endy's ass: **Your ass is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails

Endymion Avalira moans and licks his lips as he swings tantalizingly close to his Master's crotch

Endymion Avalira presses his nose into his master's crotch and inhales deeply, then nuzzles deeply like a loyal puppy

Franziskus Ninetails looks up the chain and lowers is a bit for his first boy

Franziskus Ninetails lifts his tunic and lowers his pants a bit... His hard cock jutting out right before his first boy's eyes

Mamba Serpente looks at his Master's cock coming out from the pants and licks his lips, his cock more and more hard

River Airy fixes his eyes on his master's cock as it moves closer to him

River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him.

River Airy chews on the fleshy forskin of Franziskus' tip and rolls the skin to softly probe the tender leaking piss slit.

Franziskus Ninetails pulls his hanging boy closer, keeps him from swinging and commands "Lick it, mine!"

River Airy opens his mouth and sucks hard, licking the hard cock

River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him.

River Airy chews on the fleshy forskin of Franziskus' tip and rolls the skin to softly probe the tender leaking piss slit.

River Airy takes Franziskus's cock to his wet warm lips, kissing it showing his devotion.

Franziskus shoves his cock to his boy's face, forcing the slutty wet mouth to suck and gag.

River Airy: sucks harder, taking his master into the back of his throat

Mamba Serpente moans softly and helplessly looking at his Master mouthfucking deep his brother’s throat.

Endymion Avalira moans, watching his brother pleasuring his Master

River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him.

Franziskus Ninetails as his first boy's lips close around his hard cock thrust his pelvis forward... fucking his boy deep down his throat...

River Airy: groans loudly

Franziskus Ninetails ... looks to his right and groans "You... are... next!"

River Airy takes Franziskus's cock to his wet warm lips, kissing it showing his devotion.

River Airy: ohhh

River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him.

River Airy chews on the fleshy foreskin of Franziskus' tip and rolls the skin to softly probe the tender leaking piss slit.
River Airy: gags as his master's cock presses to the back of his throat,

Franziskus Ninetails as mouthfucks his boy and his boy's cock is right before him can't help to lick over it

Franziskus Ninetails licks over River's glans

River Airy: whimpers

River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him.

Franziskus Ninetails licks his lips after he tasted his first boy. He gasps as he pulls his cock out of his boy's mouth and turns to Endy "Your turn!"

Endymion Avalira groans lustfully watching his Master and first boy, out of the corner of his eye seeing Mamba also watching and Mamba's arousal just as evident as theirs

River Airy: groans from the loss and tries to swallow the juices that have built up in his mouth

Endymion Avalira presses his nose into his master's crotch and inhales deeply, then nuzzles deeply like a loyal puppy

Franziskus Ninetails commands breathless and excitedly "Open your mouth!" and as his boy eagerly does so, stuffs his cock roughly between his boy's lips

Endymion Avalira eagerly takes his master into his mouth, the pre-cum juices mixed with his brother’s saliva

Mamba Serpente moans looking at his brother so near with their Master's hard cock in the mouth

Endymion Avalira moans with pleasure as the taste of his master as he forces his way down Endy’s throat

Franziskus Ninetails as he thrusts hard into his slave's mouth reaches left and right for his other boy's cocks

Mamba Serpente moans at the touch of his Master and begins to leak pre-cum from his hard cock

With gentle but firm force, Franziskus Ninetails grabs River's cock and demands his attention.

With gentle but firm force, Franziskus Ninetails grabs Mamba's cock and demands his attention.

River Airy: groans

Endymion Avalira groans softly licking the length of his Master’s cock with his tongue

Endymion Avalira takes his Master's cock to his wet warm lips, kissing it showing his devotion.

Franziskus Ninetails grabs the two cocks. his finger closing around them....

Mamba Serpente moans louder

Franziskus Ninetails ... he starts to stroke them in the same rhythm he's thrusting into Endy's mouth

Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes Mamba's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

River Airy: whimpers as his cock is stroked hard

Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Mamba Serpente: oooohhhh

Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes Mamba's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Mamba Serpente feels the cock so hard at his Master's touch , ready to explode in his hand

Endymion Avalira tries desperately to grip his Master with the swinging and fondles his Master's balls through the tight cloth whilst he sucks

Endymion Avalira takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him.

Franziskus Ninetails groans. His cock throbbing in Endy's mouth... He licks over his slave's glans to encourage him sucking harder

Xcite! X4 Genitals: Franziskus Ninetails licks over Endymion's glans
[16:55]  Mamba Serpente quivers and swings tryng to lick his Master's balls while his brother sucks deep and hard his cock
[16:56]  Franziskus Ninetails looks to his right... his fist closing tighter around Mamba's shaft he grunts breathless "You... are... next... my... lil.. rascal!"

Endymion Avalira sucks desperately at his master, longing to be filled with his juices

Mamba Serpente: mmmhhhh

Mamba Serpente looks at his Master with eyes full of horniness and feels the saliva dripping from his open mouth ready for it

River Airy hangs helplessly his strength leaving him, drained from his suspension

Endymion Avalira goans longingly tasting his masters pre-cum

Endymion Avalira: mmmmm

Franziskus Ninetails with another gasp.... too far at the edge already... pulls his cock out of Endy's mouth and turns to Mamba, commanding "Open!"

Mamba Serpente: MMMHHH

Mamba Serpente opens the mouth wide happy to have his Master's cock in the mouth and feeling the taste of the saliva of his brothers on it

Franziskus shoves his cock to his boy's face, forcing the slutty wet mouth to suck and gag.

Franziskus forces his slut to swallow his sack into his wide open mouth and bath them with his tongue.

Franziskus thrusts his cock between his slutty slave's lips, mouth-fucking him deep throat

Mamba Serpente moans and takes all his Master's cock down the throat not breathing anymore and only sucking it hard

Franziskus Ninetails groans as he feels his balls tighten to his body....

Endymion Avalira whines softly at the loss, the taste of his Master still on his lips and watches lustfully as his Masters cock thrusts in Mamba's throat

Franziskus Ninetails: I'm....

Mamba Serpente: MMMHHHH

Mamba Serpente sucks harder and deeper his Master's cock feeling the balls hitting hard his nose

Franziskus Ninetails grabs Mamba's hips as he feels his climax coming... thrusting into his mouth until he's at the final edge...

Mamba Serpente: MMMMHHHHH

River Airy: moans as he looks across and sees his master close to the edge

Mamba Serpente feels his Master's cock pulsing more and morein his mouth

Franziskus Ninetails in the last moment pulls his cock out of Mamba's mouth and jerks his cock hard, aiming at his boys' bodies

Mamba Serpente: MMMHHH

Franziskus shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

Franziskus Ninetails with a loud groan cums all over his boys covering each of his slaves' chest and faces with his juice

River Airy whimpers as his master's cum splashes over his face, he opens his mouth in hope


Mamba Serpente moans loud swallowing his own saliva mixed with his Master's cock taste and gasps feeling his Master's warm cum on his body, then looks at his brothers and seeing them full of their Master's cum can only moan louder so much aroused

Endymion Avalira laps his lips, stretching with his tongue the lick parts of his face where cum has landed

Franziskus Ninetails milks the last drops of his cock, then stuffs it back into his pants, while he looks at each of his slave "Now jerk, slaves!"

Franziskus Ninetails: The first to cum, will be the first to be released!"

Mamba Serpente: mmmhhhh

River Airy reaches up his hand and wraps it around his cock weakly, jerking himself

Endymion Avalira reaches up, trying to beat gravity to reach his cock

Franziskus Ninetails paces up and down before his boys, waiting for each of them to stroke... waiting for them to spread their own cum all over their chest and faces

Mamba Serpente touches his so hard and wet cock and begins to stroke it with one hand while with the other hand caresses his boy searching for his Master's cum and taking it in the mouth keeping it there for a while before swallowing it and cumming in loads

River Airy jerks hard on his cock his body quivering from the stess on being hung for so long each pull makes his balls tighten

On his Master's command Mamba closes his finger and thumb around his balls and pulls them down painfully, presenting his cock

Endymion Avalira moans with pleasure, thinking of his masters cock his hips thrusting into his hands

Embarrassed by his turgidity, Mamba presses his cock down between his legs.

Mamba shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

Mamba Serpente: oooohhhhhhh

On his Master's command Mamba closes his finger and thumb around his balls and pulls them down painfully, presenting his cock

Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the whip at his belt "You need encouragement, slaves?'

River as directed pinches the tip of his cock painfully. Squeezing it and taking a precum drop on his two fingers licks them

River as directed pinches the tip of his cock painfully. Squeezing it and taking a precum drop on his two fingers licks them

Mamba Serpente smiles at his Master feeling the cum dripping slowly to his face

River Airy panics worried as he sees his master's belt

Franziskus Ninetails nods satisfied as his lil rascal cums. He grins as the cum drips down his boy's chest and face

River as directed pinches the tip of his cock painfully. Squeezing it and taking a precum drop on his two fingers licks them

River takes his member firmly in hand and presents himself for inspection.

On his Master's command Endymion closes his finger and thumb around his balls and pulls them down painfully, presenting his cock and as directed pinches the tip of his cock painfully. Squeezing it and taking a precum drop on his two fingers licks them

Mamba Serpente smiles at his Master and licks the cum near his lips

River Airy shudders and cums hard crying out loudly he shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

Franziskus Ninetails reaches with one hand up to the chain to release Mamba, his other hand slides over his boy's face, collecting the cum then stuffs his sticky fingers between his lips

Franziskus carefully releases mamba from his suspended position.

River Airy: cries out shuddering with each spurt of his cock

Mamba Serpente smiles wide feeling released and happy that his Master tasted his cum

Endymion Avalira groans the sight of his cum covered brothers and Rivers moans taking him over the edge and shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

River Airy feels his hot cum running down his body

Mamba Serpente looks at his body covered with cum and thinks to a nice shower before going to kennel

River Airy: dripping on to his face mixing with that of his master's

Franziskus Ninetails after he released Mamba,looks over to his first boy and grins as he sees that he also finally did cum

Endymion Avalira winces, hoping their Master does not notice the spirted cum down the back of his tunic

Franziskus Ninetails considers for a moment, if he should let the bosk lick the salty cum from River's face, chest and cock

Mamba Serpente hugs with love and devotion his Master's legs
Franziskus Ninetails commands his lil rascal "Time to kennel, mine. Wash tomorrow!"

Mamba Serpente smiles and hurries to his kennel

Mamba Serpente: yes thank you my Master

Franziskus Ninetails finally reaches up to release his first boy from the chains too. As the body slides to the ground he licks over his boy's sticky cock, tasting his slave

Franziskus Ninetails licks over River's glans

River Airy whimpers as his cock is licked

Franziskus carefully releases River from his suspended position.

Endymion Avalira moans softy, licking his masters and his own juices as they slide down his face

River Airy: he crawls to his knees and holds his hands behind his back, his feet on the floor

Franziskus Ninetails reaches out for his lil moombeams face and collects some of the juice. Then reaches over to River and holds his sticky fingers to his lips "Taste it, my lil sunshine! Is it only your Master or your brother too?"

River Airy makes a tiny noise and sucks on his master's fingers, tasting it, he licks around them, checking thoroughly. “I think it is my master's and my brother's cum my master"

Franziskus Ninetails nods and pulls his fingers out of his first boy's mouth to reach up and finally release Endy too

Franziskus carefully releases endymion from his suspended position.

Endymion Avalira looks up to his Master "Thank you my Master" he says not totally sure if he means to the release, or his Master "release"

Franziskus Ninetails: you better go and wash

Franziskus Ninetails: come

Franziskus Ninetails pumps water for his boys so they can wash

River Airy moves under the water and washes the cum off his body as quickly as he can

River Airy: he pools the water in his hands and rubs it over his face

Armando Mint is Offline

River Airy: as soon as he is clean he moves aside so that endy can wash

Endymion Avalira grins at his brother taking time to clean and takes a running leap into the dock

Franziskus Ninetails: who told you to wash in the docks, my lil moonbeam?

Franziskus Ninetails: you're lucky the urts didn't bite you!

River Airy: gulps

Endymion Avalira lowers his eyes to the floor, "I.... I....." his head lowers in shame to "I'm sorry Master, the water looked so inviting"

Monday, 21 March 2011

Endy's dream

Endy carefully eases himself into the flow of the waterfall, the rush of water pounding at the muscles of his back.

Endy’s right hand rubs along his deltoid muscle, pinching at it and rotating it moving it under the stream of water, allowing the pressure of the falls to coax away the knots and tightness within the muscle after so much bow practice with the weapons master.

He moves forward into the full flow of the water and lifts his arms above his head grasping playfully at the falling water as it caresses his body washing away the sweat and dust from the practice session... his aches and pains disappearing his hands begin to explore his body, wiping away the stubborn marks of dirt and settling naturally on the source of his slave heat.

Stoking gently feeling both his passions and cock rising Endy kneels down, the spray from the water making him shiver, his breath coming in short sharp gasps.

Too tempted to relieve his own lust and cum Endy stands and dips his head back under the thundering stream of water to cool down, as he does so he suddenly feels a hand gripping his collar pulling him back “I did not give you permission to stop mine” a voice whispers in his ear, the hand then forces Endy’s head back under the water thrusting his head up.

Choking Endy coughs up water “Wa..?”

“No questions mine! Don’t you know a slave’s place is never to question a free?”

“Yes... my Master” Endy answers reluctantly his eyes bleary from the water..
Endy feels a hand suddenly placed between his buttocks, a finger lightly stroking, slowly circling his hole. He tenses his instinct to fight the invasion “Master.... I... I am a still white….”. He feels hot breath on his cheek as the voice whispers in his ear “And mine to claim when-ever I decide Mine”

Endy tries to turn his head, but with one of the Master’s hands around his collar and the other caressing him in such an intimate place he can barely move “Yes… my Master”.

The stroking intensifies, unable to control himself Endy whimpers and his legs part, behind him he hears a chuckle “Eager to be opened then mine?”
Endy begins to protest when the hand round his collar shakes him round roughly “Don’t lie to a Free boy, you know it is forbidden” a thumb now presses roughly against Endy’s hole applying pressure to the opening “so, eager to be opened?”

Blushing with his inability to control his own passions and need Endy nods softly, desperate for the thumb to penetrate, it being all he can do to even offer the scant resistance he can by tightening the hole against invasion despite his burning need and longing.

“Nodding to your Master, trying to lie, distressful behaviour for a slave don’t you think lil sunbeam?” Franz voice growls  “It displeases me, and you know what happens when a Master is displeased by a slave don’t you mine?”

Endy whispers, “They are punished Master”, the voice behind him laughs softly 
“Ai boy, they are punished”

The hand moves away from his ass, strokes softy across his cheek “Stay still mine, do not turn round until you are told or you will be punished”,

Endy feels the hand move away from his collar and the rustling of cloth behind him, as his vision begins to clear from the water it suddenly become obscured by a cloth put in front of his eyes, his head feels pinched as he feels the cloth being tightened behind his head “Turn round mine” as Endy shuffles round unsure of his footing with his vision obscured the voice demands “Continue with pleasuring yourself lil moonbeam”

Endy gulps, suddenly self-conscious with being both blinded and watched, his hands stroking his chest, gently teasing at his own nipples a soft moan escaping his lips as the concentrates on pleasuring himself to follow the instructions of his Master, his cock becoming engorged as his lust once more rises, his hands slowly tracing down his body lightly before taking his cock and beginning to stroke his cock – his blinded eyes raising heavenwards as he feels his passions rising – his groans increasing with his own caress

With his pace quickening Endy hips begin to buck, his body following the movements of his hands, he hears behind him his Master’s voice command breathless "Prepare... your.. brother's... butt.... my lil... sunshine!"

Endy hears his chain-brother’s soft voice as kneels behind his brother. "Stand still my love and try not to tense up" 

River Airy using his finger prises his brother's buttocks apart and presses his face between them licking over the virgin opening, he gently probes the tender ring with his tongue, pressing further and further in, lubing his brother with his mouth. He circles the tight ring of muscle with the tip of his tongue, moaning with pleasure at the flavour of his brother

Endy moans as his ass is gently caresses by his brother's tongue and then breached, his hips begin to buck faster of their own accord as he is pleasured both from behind by his brother and from in front with his own caress.

“Bend… down… lil.. moonbeam… get.. to.. all.. fours” his master’s voice commands breathlessly. Endy obeys quickly and feels the warmth of his master’s hot and hard cock hovering over his boy's face as his master commands "Open your mouth, mine!"

Endy groans at River's tongue continues to caress his ass, his Masters cock so close to close to him he opens his mouth obediently and eagerly tasting his master
His Master groans as he thrusts his cock into his boy's mouth. Breathless through gritted teeth "You... better... lube.. it well... with your tongue... mine!"

Franz  thrusts his hips back and forth, slowing his motions every time when he's getting too close to the edge... then holding still... giving his slave the chance to lick his cock and lube it up... then starts to thrust it in again "The... better you... use your tongues.... boys... the easier... my cock... will slide... into... that virgin ass!"

River lifts up his head, "make our master wet brother, the wetter the easier it will be for you. He lowers his head again and delves back in again. tongue fucking his brother

Endy moans, his Master's size a delight to him, following his brothers instructions he ensure he uses plenty of saliva covering his Master's cock, engulfing it and trying not to gag as he tries to take the full length of it. His hand virtually vibrating on his cocks with speed as his balls begin to tighten, his mind desperately trying to think of ways to distract itself from his lust for fear that he should cum before his Master gave him permission.

Franz gasps as his boy's wet tongue keeps him so close to the edge, he groans and breathes heavily... his cock wet and dripping from his slave's saliva and his own precum "It... is... time, my.. lil... moonbeam", he groans, and pulls his dripping cock out of his slave's mouth and gripping Endy’s collar turns him round forcefully to claim his slave 

Endy’s head dips as his Master released his collar to grip his hips, his head banging gently against his brother’s stomach, instinctively with his lust he lowers his head further, seeking a taste of his brother and finding what he is seeking takes his brother’s hardened cock into his mouth.

Despite the cock in his mouth Endy yells as his Master pulls him bask and pushes forward to press into him, breaching him for the first time, Endy’s yell from the discomfort but joy at being taken at his mind is filled with lust for him Master being too much, his balls tightens and a thick stream of his seed gushes out falling to the floor.


Endy turns over in his sleep his subconscious lust for the moment satisfied unknown to him that his dream had an impact in reality that is slowly cooling even now on his Master’s leg.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Today is a new day

Yeah, random statement with no explanation huh?

*shrugs* Deal with it... :oP

Monday, 14 March 2011

The panther

Yesterday I got caged by my own stupididy in allowing myself to get out of sorts, confused and overtired when a simple message would have fixed a lot. Then ended up in me getting really confused and upset that I had upset others by the situation I had caused when again a simple message would have fixed it.

How it was handled afterwards was wonderful, wereas some people, who will remain nameless, I think would have taken advantage of the situation to both humiliate me with caustic jibes and games played on my emotions to their advantage instead I was surrounded by love and forgiveness and acceptance.

It seems strange sometimes that in now being more "restricted" that I was before and in a situation I was worried about, and terrified to take the step into, in it I am now freer and more loved than ever before.

This poem I know is loved by someone who was effected by the events last night, and I think them for the way they have freed me in a way that this panther is not :

The Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke

His vision, from the constantly passing bars,
has grown so weary that it cannot hold
anything else. It seems to him there are
a thousand bars; and behind the bars, no world.

As he paces in cramped circles, over and over,
the movement of his powerful soft strides
is like a ritual dance around a center
in which a mighty will stands paralyzed.

Only at times, the curtain of the pupils
lifts, quietly--. An image enters in,
rushes down through the tensed, arrested muscles,
plunges into the heart and is gone.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Two boys taking it in the ass....

((I've removed some other people from this log as they were having independant RPs within chat range to make the log easier to read - I've just removed the ones that make the dialog confusing))

EndyEndy knocks timidly at the door and peers round

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin giggles at the sleeping moon and slips off the bed letting her sleep

 Yasminda Bamaisin: Come ! she says hearing the knock

Endy: Greetings Mistress Green

Endy: My Master has ordered me to find a green in one of the cities and to ask them to perform a slave Examination. He said that any good green would know what to do?

Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye love he is correct...

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin smiles down at the cute little slave.. "Arent you darling.." she half croons tossling your hair ..

alarm - bell v1.0 shouts: ALARM!!! RAIDERS!!! ALARM!!!
alarm - bell v1.0 shouts: Alarm!
alarm - bell v1.0 shouts: Alarm!

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin rolls her eyes.. "this day hath no end!" she sighs at the alarm being sounded

Yasminda Bamaisin: One moment Boy.. * she lifts her gown stepping outside to see what is going on*

Yasminda Bamaisin shrugs coming back in not having seen anything in plain view

Yasminda Bamaisin: Come little love...undress and step on the scale eh

EndyEndy blushes as he undresses

Yasminda Bamaisin looks away..stepping towards the scale and waits for you to step upon it

Endy blushes brightly as he appoaches the green and steps on the scale

AccessoGOR - Infirmary Scales (Gorean): Endymion Avalira is 58 Horts tall and weighs 39 Stones.

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin fiddles with the dials and smiles

Yasminda Bamaisin: Strapping boy eh..

Yasminda Bamaisin: come sit on the bed

Yasminda Bamaisin: sit up love

Moonsugah Monday sits up and almost falls out the bed...

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin giggles hearing moon.. "you are awake sleeping beauty"

 Moonsugah Monday: ugghhhhh.....

 Moonsugah Monday: remind me the kalana and paga don't mix well with naked outlaws...

Yasminda Bamaisin steps tot he basin and washes her hands..patting them dry ..she pulls the drawer open and pulls out a fresh pair of gloves...and snaps them on with a loud POP!

Yasminda Bamaisin looks at lady moon wide eyed

Yasminda Bamaisin: Moon! word women

Yasminda Bamaisin blushes deeply... turning her attentions back to the boy

Moonsugah Monday: hahaha... aye... i never clain to be a lady ..lady Yas..hahh jest freee.

Moonsugah Monday scratches her head.. and butt....

Yasminda Bamaisin giggles.. "

Yasminda Bamaisin lifts her hands and laces her fingers into your raven hair... "where are you from boy?"

Yasminda Bamaisin checks your scalp for lumps sores or injury...

Moonsugah Monday: I well see you soon Lady..i need to sleep more i think...

Endy: From Hrim....Hria... Hrag.... *sighes* the lands over the mountains known to none natives as Ushindi Mistress Green

Yasminda Bamaisin: Be well my moon

Moonsugah Monday: be well yas be well boy

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin giggles.. "Ah Hrimgar Ushindi"

Endy: You too Mistress

EndyEndy grins, impressed that the lady can pronounce it

Yasminda Bamaisin slides her hands down cradling your face between gloved palms she tilts your head up looking into your eyes,

Yasminda Bamaisin she notes no dilation nor redness

Yasminda Bamaisin: Ahhh eyes as bonnie a blue as the thassa

Endy tries to breath carefully and not scream in fear of greens the Mistress being caring and not as lecherous as some he has met

Yasminda Bamaisin: "Open your mouth dear"

Endy: "Yes Mistress"

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin notes all your teeth present and gums of good standing

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin nods... "good.. lay back "

Yasminda Bamaisin steps to the bedside and places her hand on your shoulder, spanning the broadness applying silght pressure and squeezing

Yasminda Bamaisin: do you have any pain you would like to tell me of ?

Endy: "No Mistress, no pain... well... other than the piercings... but they are because they are new"

Yasminda Bamaisin: Ah i see.. nods..

Jecht Aeon: Greetings my Mistress

Yasminda Bamaisin looks over her shoulder and smiles "Greetings mine"

Jecht Aeon: greetings nakey person

Endy blushes

Yasminda Bamaisin: You are finally awake hmm *smiles* you tease him?...undress so that he does not feel alone.

Jecht Aeon nods pulling his silk's free before folding them up and resting them beside him.

Yasminda Bamaisin her hands move south squeezing and pressing over your biceps forearms and finally slipping her small hands into yours.. "Squeeze my hands"

Endy: "yes Mistress" Endy says as he gently squeezes her hand taking care not to hurt her"

Yasminda Bamaisin nods.. "Good, strong"

Yasminda Bamaisin releases your hands bringing them back up to your chest...examining over you torso...flank and belly. Her hands pressing down gently and squeezing checking for fracture or abnormal lumps or nodes

Endy giggles as the Mistress brushes a ticklish spot on his side

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin giggles...tickling you some more..

Yasminda Bamaisin: "enchanting you are .." she says poking your belly button...before her hands grasp your hips...and gently apply the same pressure

Jecht Aeon scoots closer to the bed stretching up to rest his head on the edge of the bed with a smile to the kajiru

Yasminda Bamaisin tickles Endymion's tummy, causing him to collapse in a giggling fit.

Endy creases up with laughter holding despiratly to the sides of the bed to prevent falling off in his giggling

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin hands absently work...moving south over endys thighs...knees and calfs, pressing down noting strong bone structure.

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin grasps endys feet and flexes them back and forth checking the dexterity ..

Yasminda Bamaisin runs a finger under each sole of endys feet. "Do you feel that dear?"

Endy tries to restrain another laugh to not let the Mistress know another ticklish spot "Yes Mistr- Mistress"

Yasminda Bamaisin smiles again at the mans words as she examines the boy .. "I shall Good sir , What brings ye to Tabor... surely not just i"

Yasminda Bamaisin giggles at Endys ticklishness

Yasminda Bamaisin reaches forward and grasps endys heat in her hand gently examining the head,noting no discharge or soars

Endy gasps muttering "cold hands, cold hands"

Yasminda Bamaisin looks down at endy and smiles softly " Cold hands warm heart", reaches below with her free hand she cups your sac gently squeezing and noting the weight....her finger proding noting no lumps or swelling

Endy blushes brightly humming an earth tune under his breath to distract himself

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin lets go of your heat.."Turn on your side love...i will need to check your opening hm"


Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin turns to the counter and dons the small jar of lard...opening it she dips her forefinger in it lubricating the digits

Endy hears the Mistress moving around behind him and wonders what the green is up too

Yasminda Bamaisin returns her attentinos to endy she places a comforting hand on his hip "Now love relax i will make this quick, i will need to check your opening hm"

Yasminda Bamaisin grins... reaching forward her forefinger rubbing against endys opening gently

Endy gulps nerviously

Yasminda Bamaisin: the lubricant allowing the tip of her finger entry, she motions her finger back and forth slowly..pushing a little more eachtime

Endy whimpers

Yasminda Bamaisin tightens her grip on endys hip. She steady pushes her finger into the hilt as she feels his anal ring slip.

Endy yelps despite the lard as the Mistress goes somewhere VERY private, and he is glad his Master taught him to keep very clean there washing out regularly

Yasminda Bamaisin hush endy softly her finger finding his prostate pressing down gently noting no swelling nor abnormalities. She gives her finger a quick turn about his anal cavity nodding ...

Yasminda Bamaisin pulls her finger out and peels off her gloves discarding them in a waste basket..

Yasminda Bamaisin: There we are... you say you are born in ushindi boy?

Endy: "No Mistress, I was found at the island of Etihad after a storm with no memory, they say that from my accent I am barbarian" he blushes as he admits this

Yasminda Bamaisin sighs... 'Barbarian eh...have you had your shots?"

Endy 's eyes bug out "Shots Mistress?"

Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye love Shots..

Yasminda Bamaisin: Tis the stabilization serum love, you want a long and happy life with your master do ye not?

Endy sighs happily "yes Mistress"
[13:04] ConallConall nods a bit. "And where were you before the ship... where were you born boy?"

Yasminda Bamaisin: Good..let us get this over with shall we

Yasminda Bamaisin steps to the apothocary and prepares a stabilization syringe, stops between preparations muttering and measuring recalling the boys weight and height

Yasminda Bamaisin holding the syringe she steps back to the endys bedside...

Yasminda Bamaisin sets the syringe on the counter she steps around the bed and begins to strap his hands and feet in securing the restraints

Endy gulps as he is tied down "Mistress??" he says fearfully

Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye love...

Yasminda Bamaisin places a comforting hand on your back..

Endy squerms slightly, his breath quickening with fear, small flecks of sweat appearing on his skin as he tries to contain his panic

Yasminda Bamaisin rubs Endys back slowly...hushing him... "I only restrain you to keep from hurting myself or yourself... the injections are quite painful , your body will burn in turns and you will most likely pass out for a short time. "

((Hmmmm..... good bedside manner - not so good with the "oh, this won't hurt a bit))

Yasminda Bamaisin: The injections are a four part will need to return to me 3 days in a row

Endy tries to control his breathing, taking deep breaths and trying to think of the Mistresses words for how he will get a far longer life to spend with his Master

Yasminda Bamaisin: After this you will be free from ailment, and your body will heal quicker

Yasminda Bamaisin: and of course you will live longer

Endy: I understand mistess

Obtuse Eternal: Tal Yas

Jecht Aeon: Greetings Master

Obtuse Eternal: greetings boys

Yasminda Bamaisin: Looks up at Hermes and glares at him

Yasminda Bamaisin offers him a cold "Tal"

Obtuse Eternal is confused at her scowl, but waits until she is finished with her patient

Obtuse Eternal: to inquire as to her unhappiness

Endy not being able to see due to the restains offers a muttered "Greetings Master" into the Matress

Yasminda Bamaisin moves to the counter and picks up the sryinge and a small cloth

Yasminda Bamaisin she douses the cloth with agrimony and turns her attention back on the boy

Jecht Aeon: is Master?

Obtuse Eternal: Master is frustrated, but other than that - fine

Jecht Aeon: why are you frustrated?

Yasminda Bamaisin cleans off the spanse of skin on the boys lower back above his left buttock and sets the cloth down

Obtuse Eternal looks at the boy, and says - that needs to remain between me and my caste

Jecht Aeon nods "understood Master"

Endy chews on the matress trying to control his panic at the idea of a needle

Yasminda Bamaisin aims the syringe at the cleaned area...and lifts her hands up and then comes down in a swift stabbing motion peircing the boys lower back

Yasminda Bamaisin pushes the plunger releasing the serum into endys body. pulling it out she exchanges the spot with the repclothed she used previously holding down firmly

Endy yelps into the Matresses as his ass is filled with a burning sensation

((and not in a good way))

Yasminda Bamaisin discards the items in the waste basket and peels off her gloves tossing them in too

Yasminda Bamaisin turns her attention Sir Hermes...the scowl returning

Yasminda Bamaisin: i would have word with you ...

Yasminda Bamaisin picks up her gown briskly walking to the back room

((hee hee, don't know what he did, but it must have been bad, think it was another 15 mins before they came back))

Endy stuggles against his restraints, his ass burning but unable to move his hands to rub at the painful spot

Endy pulls as the restraints the burning sensation now traveling his this legs, sweat beginning to appear on his skin

Endy whimpers has his whole body convulses of its own accord as a set of musles tighten, the burning sensation now throughout his whole body

Jecht Aeon watched the boy on the table with a sigh as there was nothing he could do to stop the pain caused by the shots

Endy moans softly as the room spins softly, but the burning gradually lessening

Yasminda Bamaisin walks back to endys beside in silence and unstraps the restraints

Yasminda Bamaisin: Endy are wakened?", she askes placing a softy hand on his shoulder rubbing slowly

Endy rubs his wrists as the restraints are removed and looks slightly groggy "Yes Mistress" he then goes slightly green and buries his head back into the matress as the room spins again

Yasminda Bamaisin: Ah yes, lets get you some water hm

Yasminda Bamaisin steps to the waterpump and squats slightly grasping a bowl from underneath the counter...holding it under the pump valve she fills the bowl halfway with cool water

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin walks back to the beside water in hand.. "Come little love, drink"

Endy takes the water greatfully blushing that he is being served not serving and and gulps the cold water quickly "thank you Mistress"

Yasminda Bamaisin: You are welcome may get dressed. "If it so pleases your master, you may return here 3 days consecutively for the rest of your shots. "

Franziskus Ninetails on his way to the taverne recognizes the signs and smiles as his boy seems to recognize it too "Aye! Ha! Indeed!". He looks through the windows at the door and finally knocks. "Hello?! Anybody there?"

Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye come!

Endy: "Yes Mistress" Endy sits up and carefully gets his clothes trying not to move his head to much for fear of the earth spinning

Obtuse Eternal: Tal Franziskus - may I be of assistance? I am Hermes a Green here in Tabor

Endy reaches under the shoulder pad and extracts a small package - "it is not much, but I hope this will be of use to your in thanks Mistress"

Obtuse Eternal: Ah, he is almost done with his exam, come you can get him

Yasminda Bamaisin holds up her hand

Yasminda Bamaisin: Nay love... you dont have to do that

Endy grins seeing his Master and brother as he tries to move away from the bed supporting him

Endy: Greeting My Master, brother

Yasminda Bamaisin turns to the new faces "Tal Sir...boy"

Franziskus Ninetails enters the infirmary and wrinkles his nose a bit at the smell of medicine. He stretches his neck to look over the screen and eyes his boy. With a smile he winks at him "Tal, mine"

River peers around his master's legs and smiles at his brother,.

Obtuse Eternal: This is the boys master

Franziskus Ninetails then hears another - a female voice - coming from behind the screen. He tilts his head and finally recognizes the woman in green "Oh, Tal, lady!"

Yasminda Bamaisin smiles wide... "Pardon my detaining your boy here, it was most busy in here today"

Yasminda Bamaisin: He was most well behaved , very good boy.

Endy tries to get to his feet to hug his Master

Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the lady and nods. "All is well with him?", his eyes wandering from the female physician to his slave and back

Endy makes sounds like a larl in heat

Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye he is... I administered his Stabilization serum, and he is to return 3 days consecutively for the rest as it is a 4 part series hm

Franziskus Ninetails pats his boy's head as he comes closer to hug his legs, but his attention to the woman "Oh, I will take care of that."

Endy nuzzles into his Master, waiting for the world to stop spinning

Franziskus Ninetails then frowns and looks at his first boy "Hmmmm... talking of that.... River? Have you ever got the following shots after the first one?"

River looks to the floor, "no my master, the tidal wave hit tidra and .. well ... no my master,"

Endy's black hair whispers: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.

Endy makes sounds like a larl in heat

Franziskus Ninetails: "Hmmmmmmmm.... " - He looks from River to the healer and back.... and up to the woman again "Oh... forgive me, lady. I didn't introduce myself - I'm Franziskus, <harbormaster of Hrimgar."

Franziskus Ninetails: "As you were about it, could you give my first boy the first injection also? They then can travel together to here in the next days to get the other shots"

Yasminda Bamaisin: "Lady Yasmyndr.. Asst Head Physician to Tabor..and my colleage Sir Hermes Physican to tabor"

Yasminda Bamaisin: Of course... ", nods

Yasminda Bamaisin: Come Fair one... undress and step on the scale so i can weight you

River gulps and lifts his head worriedly not liking the thought of injections at all

Yasminda Bamaisin: Do ye have slave examination papers for him Sir..

Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the leash and unspnaps it from River>'s collar, while he asks "Do you have your slavepapers and medical reporst with you, mine?"

River: aye my master,"

River reaches into band of his tunic and pulls out his slave paper that he had tucked there quickly before they left.

Franziskus Ninetails nods and with an encouriging smile "Then give it the lady Yasmyndr, my lil sunshine!"

Yasminda Bamaisin smiles at the endearment

River hands his master the paper, and says softly. "it is from tidra my master, "

River then hands the copy of his medical report that was folded in to the other.

Yasminda Bamaisin: ((im sorry love you handing those papers to me ?))

Franziskus Ninetails raises his eyebrows a bit why his boy hands the papers to him and not to the lady as ordered, but with a short glance at his nervous boy he smiles and forgives him. He unfolds the paper and takes a short look, mumbling "Hmmmm.... hmmmm.... I see, that healer already set in the other shots, but he never came back to give you those following shots. Only the first"

Franziskus Ninetails reaches the papers over to Yasmyndr

Franziskus Ninetails: "I am not a healer, but as far as I know, when the other shots aren't given in the following days you have to start anew, is that right, lady healer?"

River looks to the floor, his cheeks blushing red as he realises his mistake. He looks to the mistress's feet and whispers, "sorry mistress,"

Yasminda Bamaisin takes the papers looking them over and nods... "Very well... come boy undress and up on the scale with ye"

Yasminda Bamaisin: aye Sir ye be correct ..*smiles*

River: yes mistress

Yasminda Bamaisin smiles at the fair haird boy, and resists the urge to pinch his cheek.

Yasminda Bamaisin atakes a closer look at the papers before hand them back...

River unties the neck of his tunic and lets it fall to the ground, stepping out gracefully and then picking it up and folding it before putting it back on the floor.

Yasminda Bamaisin: Eh says the shots were administered

River takes off his sling shot and places it on top of his tunic.

River looks around for the scales not seeing them right away

Franziskus Ninetails nods to the lady healer "Aye, as I told you - He came, made the exam, gave him the first shot. He already wrote in the following shots although he never came back to give them to the boy!"

AccessoGOR - Infirmary Scales (Gorean): River Airy is 57 Horts tall and weighs 38 Stones.

((dang it, he weighs less than me, I'n fat! ))

Yasminda Bamaisin: Ahhh... i see. pardon me i am most tired... the infirmary has had me running mad eh!' laughs

Obtuse Eternal: Lady, I can do the exam if you wish to rest

Yasminda BamaisinYasminda Bamaisin looks to Sir Hermes

Yasminda Bamaisin: He only need an injection, *looks to Sir Franz* would this settle well with ye that my colleague see to it

River stands on the scale shivering slighly but not from cold but from nerves

Franziskus Ninetails nods "Of course", and smiles to the other healer.

Yasminda Bamaisin smiles to you "Thank ye Sir Franz i am in need of a most desperate nap

Obtuse Eternal turns to the Lady, and nods his head, and says to the boy on the scale, get up on the table, laying on your stomach, and let me wash my hands, and get ready.

River: yes jarl.

Endy peers over his shoulder as his brothers reading and squinting frowns that his borther weighs less than him

Yasminda Bamaisin tussles endys hair... "and you my little love, you have been a pleasure hm"

Franziskus Ninetails slides a hand into his pouch, his fingers searching around until they find something sticky. He pulls the candy out and silently pushs it against his lil moonbeam's lips

Obtuse Eternal walks over to the basin, and washes his hands, using soap and water, and drying them with a clean rep cloth, he tosses in the used laundry basket, for the slaves to clean later.

River climbs on the table and with a pleading look to his master lays down on his belly as he was instructed.

Yasminda Bamaisin: I bid ye Safe Paths Sir Franz... my apologies in my exit , be well

Obtuse Eternal gets some fresh exam gloves out, and pulls them on. Then he gets out a sterile needle, a clean syringe, the serum in a bottle, and a small clean rep cloth, along with some marigold oil, and puts it on a tray, and carries it over to the side bench, and sets it down.

Endy licks at the sticky sweet and sucks at his Master's fingers

River: soft pathes mistress

Franziskus NinetailsFranziskus Ninetails's hand reaches to the other smaller pouch at his belt. He nods to the lady as he pulls out a silver tarsk "May I pay you know before you go to your nap, lady? Will a silver tarsk be fine?"

Yasminda Bamaisin: oh Nay payment

Franziskus Ninetails: Oh?

Yasminda Bamaisin holds up her hand..."My duty and passion hm.."

Yasminda Bamaisin smiles

Yasminda Bamaisin lifts her gown and yawns slightly heading to her office to take a much needed nap

Franziskus Ninetails nods "Well then... " - and puts the coin back into his pouch "... then have a good night, lady. And thank you for your efforts"

Yasminda Bamaisin: Ye are quite welcome !

Obtuse Eternal quietly goest about his work, fitting the clean needle to the syringe, and drawing u p some fluid from the serum bottle. Then pushing the syringe up a little to make sure their are no bubbles, or air as he watches a little bit of the precious fluid dribble off the top of the needle.

Obtuse Eternal walks back over to the bedside, and leans down to the boy, and says - I won't lie to you, this will hurt a bit, but it will soon be over, and i will give you a candy - ok?

Endy whispers behind him "stay brave brother"

River makes a small noise a the sigh of the long needle and closes his eyes not wanting to see

Franziskus Ninetails grins at the healer's words and looks down to his lil moonbeam, whispering "Did you get a candy before too, mine?"

Obtuse Eternal gets a small piece of clean rep cloth, and soaks it with the marigold oil solution, and wipes the boys hip with it to sterilize the area. Then he takes the syringe in hand, and pushes the needle into the boys hip, and plunges the syringe down slowly to get the liquid to ease its way into the body. He doesn't want to force it, and cause a lump.

Endy shakes his head sadly as he continues to suck at the Master's sticky fingers

Obtuse Eternal keeps pushing slowly on the plunger, and massages the area on the boys hip with the fingers of his left hand.

Obtuse Eternal sees that all the fluid is in, and pulls the needle back out again, and once again wipes the area with the rep cloth, and places a small rep cloth plaster over the tiny wound, to keep it clean.

River whimpers as the sharp sting of the metal that penitrates his body registers in his brain, he turns his face into the table and bites his lip, his slight fear of injections sending shivers through him

Franziskus Ninetails smiles as his boy seems more interested to suck his fingers then the candy. But then his gaze wonders back to his first boy and he worries a bit, knowing well, that the injection will hurt

Obtuse Eternal turns and notes the date of the re-injection on the boys paperwork, and that he was to have gotten the series earlier , but that was unable to do so, and had to have them re-done for effectiveness.

Obtuse Eternal turns to the Master, and says - they also need to come back on day 5, so we can get a little blood, and check to see if the injections did their work, as sometimes they do not.

Franziskus Ninetails nods down to Endy, signing him to stop licking his finger and to finally take the candy before his fingers will stick to it forever

Franziskus Ninetails places a finger into Endymion's mouth, slowly moving it around as Endymion sucks on it.

Franziskus Ninetails nods "I will make sure, that the captain of my ship takes them to Tabor every day"

Obtuse Eternal grins, thank you Sir.

Endy sucks on the candy grinning at the sweetness

Obtuse Eternal: Many do not get their shots completed

River shifts uncomfortably, his hip begining to really hurt now.

Obtuse Eternal: and it does them no good

Obtuse Eternal looks down at the boy on the bed, and says - you need to lay there for a few more minutes, but the pain will pass, and you can get up, and go.

River looks up at the jarl, "yes jarl," he says softly trying not to show how much it really hurt him.,

Obtuse Eternal turns to Fraz, and says "would you mind if I give your boy a candy, to take his mind off the pain a little ?

River wipes his eyes on the bed, hoping that no one sees

Franziskus Ninetails smiles and nods "Of course, Sir. He haven't got candy for a while"

Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath and pats Endy's head "Well, I guess no furring for you two tonight, my boys"

Obtuse Eternal turns to the candy dispenser, and gets a candy from it, and hands it to River, and says - you should probably sit up to eat this.

River: yes jarl , thank you jarl.

River pushes himself up to a sitting positon, his body still shaking from the intrusive injection.

Endy thinks back to how dizzy it made him, and his stomach rolls at the idea of having to go through it another three times

Franziskus Ninetails pats Endy's shoulder "Go and help your brother!"

River moans as he sits . "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Endy: "Yes My Master"

Endy hugs against River "Careful now brother, it gets better"

River almost tumbles off the table grabbing for anything for support, finding his brother

River: "should i feel sick?" i ask quietly knowing that my brother had already been through it

Endy: "It will pass" Endy says as he hugs his brother close and pats his back gently

River clutches at his precious candy not quite ready to eat it yet

Obtuse Eternal: I can give the boys something for the naseua Sir - if you wish.

Obtuse Eternal goes to the stove, where there is some water boiling in a tea-pot, and gets a tin of neem, and pours the hot water over it, in 2 cups.

Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye, that might be better before they barf all the way back to Hrimgar on the ship"

Obtuse Eternal allows the neem to steep in the water for a few minutes, and tells the boys - to come and get their cups, and sip slowly - as it is hot.

River: follows shakily accepting the cup from the green, "thank you my master, "

Obtuse Eternal: You are welcome, it won't do to have you barf all over the ship, it would give me a bad reputation. and grins.

Endy takes the cup greatfully "Thank you Master" he blows on the cup softly and sips it carefully

River sniffs the liquid and looks over at endy who is already sipping it carefully.

River then follows his brother's example pulling a face at the taste, not completely sure if he prefers to feel sick or drink the fluid, then has to admit to himself that it is helping his queasiness.

Obtuse Eternal takes off his gloves, and throws them in the waste basket, and goes back over to the exam table, and disposes of the used needles in the medical waste "sharps" basket.

Franziskus Ninetails while his boys drink the tea looks around the infirmary curiously. Just for fun he's checking the reading-table at the wall, reading the lowest line and mumbles reading each letter "M A D E I N T H A R N A"

Franziskus Ninetails nods content with himself and his good eyes and turns back to his boys

Obtuse Eternal chuckles to himself as he watches Franz seemingly reading the eye chart.

Obtuse Eternal says aloud "They are good boys, and did well. I will have their records for you, after they have had their shots, and when they have had a final check to see if the serum took properly.

River: passes his cup to his brother to was for him

Endy finishes the drink with a shudder and goes to the sink to wash the bowl then accepts River's with a grin and quickly washes and dries both

Obtuse Eternal says - I have finished my exam, and have done what I can - so please feel free to take them as soon as you wish.

Franziskus Ninetails nods at the healer "My thanks, Sir. And yes..." - his eyes resting for a moment on his slaves - "... they are good boys"

River moves to his master and kneels stiffly at his feet, his candy still gripped tightly in his hand

Franziskus Ninetails reaches his hand out and ruffles his first boy's hair. "You heard the healer, boys. River, put your clothes on!"

Obtuse Eternal: You are quite welcome, it is my duty, and my honor to serve.

rivers golden hair (xcite) whispers: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.

River: yes my master

Endy kneels down beside his brother glad that the movment no longer causes a dizzy spell

River quickly pulls his tunic over his head and ties it around his neck

Xcite! Neck/Shoulders: **Your Xcite! Neck/Shoulders is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails

Obtuse Eternal: If you will forgive me, I have a few tasks to do.

Obtuse Eternal sighs, seeing a bloody sheet, that should have been changed by the slave boys, and pulls it off, and puts a new one down.

Franziskus Ninetails takes the long chain from his belt. He reaches his hand out to snap the middle link into his first boy's collar, then reaches over to snap the end into his other boy's collar, chaining them together as well as leashing them to his belt. He raises his hands to the healer again "Thank you again, Sir. And safe paths to you"

Obtuse Eternal then puts the bloody sheet int he dirty clothe basket to be washed, and once again washes his hands.

Obtuse Eternal shouts Safe paths!

Franziskus attaches a leash to endymion's collar.

Endy: May your path always be light Master Green

River murmers "safe paths jarl," he looks to endy and whispers, "do we have to do that again?"

Franziskus Ninetails then yanks a bit at the chains and commands "Come, boys, before it gets too dark!"

Endy sighs and nods to River "Yes my brother, the Mistress Green said another 3 times, each must be on a consequitive day"

Endy: "Yes my Master"

River limps heavily from the pain in his hip

Franziskus NinetailsFranziskus Ninetails sighs as he passes the graffitti, mumbling to himself "Oh... is it this time of the year again?"

River kneels as soon as they are on the deck of the ship. his queeziness not quite left him yet

River sounds out the word, Kaj ur a lia

River: what is that my master

Endy looks curiously at the Master having also wondered about the words on the way to the green

Franziskus Ninetails grins "I guess you will figure it out soon enough"

Franziskus Ninetails: Maybe I'll have to lock you in the whole day until it's over

Franziskus Ninetails grins even brighter

River: looks up not understanding at all what his master meant, had he been bad to be locked up

Franziskus Ninetails as they entered the ship nods to the captain. He sits down as the ship lifts the anchor

Franziskus Ninetails smiles at his brave boys "Ask your brothers, they will tell you, I'm sure"

River: yes my master