Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Last nights blog was rushed, it was done at a very late time of night, when I was upset and tired which is never a good combination so here is a proper one.

I am truly heartbroken, I loved the city of Cocyrus, not only did it show off the high degree of skill and attention to detail of my Master, but also his love of items as he was building them.

You go to so many sims, and they are a hotch-potch of buildings bought from different people, jumbled together, bad roads, bad textures, bad grass (why do people NEVER choose good grass??)...

Corcyrus was truly different.

Unlike most sims it had one builder.

It's buildings were built specifically for a purpose, and organized with that purpose in mind (compared to the usual "will this work as an infirmary?")

Using the temple ruins as a point of reference the city radiated out, parts interconnected, hidden tunnels, traps (mwaa haa haa) a fort that worked as a separate city that in an invasion all the citizens could retreat to and remain safe.. the whole city spoke to me of my Master's love and passions. If I ever (OOC) chose a partner in second life, Corcyrus would have been the place where I would have wanted the ceremony.

heh, and I will, in a moment of vanity, admit that I loved the fact my Master let me create two buildings there, and expressed his pride in my work.

And then the rot came in...  one of the founding promises for my Master's building of the temple was broken, and the temple ruins demanded to be removed - blaming first space and then prims (both of which had been pointed out how they could be resolved other ways to certain people who ignored the advise) and my Master's week of work if not longer (how quickly certain people forgot that they complained that changing the temple ruins from how they were in Tidra to being suitable for Corcyus was taking to long and people wanted the main city built "now Now NOW!") replacing the temple, repairing it, moving parts that would not fit the character of the city, replacing as many prims with mega prims to save on the city's prim count as possible was suddenly dismissed as "He had them prebuilt" and "All he did was set them down and put it back in place" and my Master's heartbreak at the loss of Tidra, family lost and work adapting the temple ruins to the city dismissed to "He had them on a different Sim and had a Love interest there That is why they mean so much to him... So they were Not built Here"

There were nasty insults made... and people who claimed to be friends still with some of us rather than stepping in, sat back and lapped it up... admissions were made both in group chat and later personal IMs that plans were afoot to forge my Master's work (yes forge, copy, steal designs from, rip off - chose a phrase you like best - I think forge is best as forgeries are often found out, and are almost always inferior to the original and obvious to experts) on the city (ignoring the fact the only reason my Master was angry and threatened to pick up the city was due to a promise that was made being broken rather than certain people picking up some of their high prim crap)

I suspect that certain people are trying to cover the evidence and spread falsities about my Master, for those that are interested, the "straw that broke the camels back" is available HERE people can decide for themselves who was in the right, and whom was wrong.

Goodbye Corcyrus, you truly did and do hold a place in my heart for my love of you, and... for all those innocents who were caught in the cross fire and loved the city as much as I did and are heartbroken, I am truly sorry - again, decide for yourself who was right - below is a dedication that my Master did when he completed the city - I hope that it will help you remember in the same fondness as it does for me. I hope you find your place in Gor, whether in the remains of the city or elsewhere, and that you prosper in all that you do.

To others... I will try to be nice... despite what I want to say about you, what I want to call you, how much I want to curse you.. I only have sympathy for you and what you are, and hope one day you learn what you are, and change before your just reward finds you.