Monday, 19 December 2011

Euuuuu... I got it on my hand......

Endy hums softly as he goes into the kitchen to prepare his Master's lunch then yelps as he slides across the floor before landing flat on his back

He  puts his hand to the floor to push himself up, muttering about his brother's not mopping the floor correctly then scream looking at his hand realising it is covered by blood his hand

Endy  blushes, looking around, then cocking his ear to check if he hears sounds of his Master upstairs, then breathes a sigh of relief that no one heard him scream... looking around he sees that the floor in the kitchen is stained with blood marks, he quickly runs outside to check if fluffy has injured one of his brothers

Endy  frowns, the blood appears to have started outside the building, and fluffy seems happy in his cage..... "River? Mick? Brian? lil Master?" he calls out softly not wanting to disturb his Master

He  frowns looking around the house unable to find any of the brothers, and looks again at the blood stain "hmmmm too big for a Gorean body he thinks... hmmm... one of my brother's must have traded for meat and not cleaned it up.

Endy  scratches his chin thoughtfully, debating whether to clean the mess now, and to find out which brother did it and spank them later..... or to risk his Master seeing the mess in the kitchen by waiting for the third or fourth boy and forcing them to do it

Endy  smiles at a job well done, as he rinses out the mop bucket and washes himself at the pump thinking to himself that it is time to treat himself to a cookie for his hard work

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Update on River ((OOC moment))

As many of you will be aware River is currently absent due to an operation.

I received a message today to say that he was awake after the operation, currently bed bound (no chores for River!) and rather high on morphine but he seemed in good cheer.. which admittedly may have been the morphine...

Hopefully he will be back with us soon - miss you my brother!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

You will leave a hole in my heart...

Sometimes, tragic though it is, death can be a release from suffering...

I am so sad that you are gone, and heart-broken for your family, but I am glad you are released from your pain and suffering, and I pray you are in a better place.

I tried to think of a song that suited you, and my pain that you have gone... but none fit perfectly... so I thought it best to keep a special moment that I know never failed to bring you joy. May where you are now be filled with such joy and laughter.

Even though you we not related by blood, in relationships of the soul you were always one of the family and will be sorely missed.

Love you my god-father...

Sunday, 4 December 2011

So sad....

Got this link from a twitter message, I have to confess I was crying by the end of this...

(Due to a poor choice of title 'blogger' could not find it so had to save it and upload it - if you want to see the original - its here)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Singing a song..

Yesterday I was in a increasingly melancholy mood due to a number of things that happened until I snapped out of it.

Today I have been worried though the day that due to my mood earlier, then issue with lagg, getting lost etc that certain people so close to my heart may have felt my feeling were not in harmony with theirs, so this is just to let them know my true feelings..

Now all I need to do is to find a decent Christmas tree and something warm to wear....

Saturday, 12 November 2011

New brother

My computer was very laggy last night due to instillation issues, and the fact that for the first time in ages the whole set of random people were on sim so with all the scripts causing lag I was unable to get more than one photo.

Thank you River for recording the RP and taking photos - Read it here

Welcome (back) to our chain my brother!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Last nights blog was rushed, it was done at a very late time of night, when I was upset and tired which is never a good combination so here is a proper one.

I am truly heartbroken, I loved the city of Cocyrus, not only did it show off the high degree of skill and attention to detail of my Master, but also his love of items as he was building them.

You go to so many sims, and they are a hotch-potch of buildings bought from different people, jumbled together, bad roads, bad textures, bad grass (why do people NEVER choose good grass??)...

Corcyrus was truly different.

Unlike most sims it had one builder.

It's buildings were built specifically for a purpose, and organized with that purpose in mind (compared to the usual "will this work as an infirmary?")

Using the temple ruins as a point of reference the city radiated out, parts interconnected, hidden tunnels, traps (mwaa haa haa) a fort that worked as a separate city that in an invasion all the citizens could retreat to and remain safe.. the whole city spoke to me of my Master's love and passions. If I ever (OOC) chose a partner in second life, Corcyrus would have been the place where I would have wanted the ceremony.

heh, and I will, in a moment of vanity, admit that I loved the fact my Master let me create two buildings there, and expressed his pride in my work.

And then the rot came in...  one of the founding promises for my Master's building of the temple was broken, and the temple ruins demanded to be removed - blaming first space and then prims (both of which had been pointed out how they could be resolved other ways to certain people who ignored the advise) and my Master's week of work if not longer (how quickly certain people forgot that they complained that changing the temple ruins from how they were in Tidra to being suitable for Corcyus was taking to long and people wanted the main city built "now Now NOW!") replacing the temple, repairing it, moving parts that would not fit the character of the city, replacing as many prims with mega prims to save on the city's prim count as possible was suddenly dismissed as "He had them prebuilt" and "All he did was set them down and put it back in place" and my Master's heartbreak at the loss of Tidra, family lost and work adapting the temple ruins to the city dismissed to "He had them on a different Sim and had a Love interest there That is why they mean so much to him... So they were Not built Here"

There were nasty insults made... and people who claimed to be friends still with some of us rather than stepping in, sat back and lapped it up... admissions were made both in group chat and later personal IMs that plans were afoot to forge my Master's work (yes forge, copy, steal designs from, rip off - chose a phrase you like best - I think forge is best as forgeries are often found out, and are almost always inferior to the original and obvious to experts) on the city (ignoring the fact the only reason my Master was angry and threatened to pick up the city was due to a promise that was made being broken rather than certain people picking up some of their high prim crap)

I suspect that certain people are trying to cover the evidence and spread falsities about my Master, for those that are interested, the "straw that broke the camels back" is available HERE people can decide for themselves who was in the right, and whom was wrong.

Goodbye Corcyrus, you truly did and do hold a place in my heart for my love of you, and... for all those innocents who were caught in the cross fire and loved the city as much as I did and are heartbroken, I am truly sorry - again, decide for yourself who was right - below is a dedication that my Master did when he completed the city - I hope that it will help you remember in the same fondness as it does for me. I hope you find your place in Gor, whether in the remains of the city or elsewhere, and that you prosper in all that you do.

To others... I will try to be nice... despite what I want to say about you, what I want to call you, how much I want to curse you.. I only have sympathy for you and what you are, and hope one day you learn what you are, and change before your just reward finds you.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

ohhh.... ermm..... I'm a mother *faints*

Heh, I kid you not, thanks to my Master and brother's sense of humor, I am now a mother....

Meeroo ID#: 1657588
Date Born: 2011-09-07 08:19:37
Status: Being Raised
Age: 0
Generation: 3
Births: 0
Regard: 250
Last Seen: 2011-09-07 08:24:37
Father : Franzi
Mother : endykins

Monday, 15 August 2011

My back is so sore....

[12:23] Endy carries the basket up to the village kalana field, deciding leaving their own grapes will mean they can harvest some last to brew the wine for his Master
 [12:27] Endy sings a sad Song under his breath as he works, the beating making the boredom of chosing and harvesting the best grapes slight less monotonous
 [12:31] Endy stretches and wipes the sweat off his brow with the back of his arm, his hand slide down to the small of his back as he leans back hearing a satisfying click as the bone moves back into place. Inspecting the wine he moves on to the next deciding that the vine he had been working on had nothing more to provide to him
 [12:32] Misha: tal brother
[12:33] Misha: dont you now the rules about picking
[12:33] Endy jumps visible, then looking over his shoulder says "Tal"
[12:33] Misha: oh don’t stop picking
[12:34] Endy blushes and stand up "oh, sorry brother, I did not know there were regulations, I thought the fields were for use of all in the village"
[12:34] Misha: aye
 [12:34] Misha: thralls can only pick if they are naked
 [12:35] Endy lowers his eyes to the ground, worried his is going to be be in trouble with his Master, then his eyes leap up to meet Misha's at his words, his eyesbrow raises "Really?" he asks, a heavy note of doubt in his voice
[12:35] Misha laughs
[12:35] Misha: no
[12:35] Misha: i am teasing
[12:35] Misha: i just wanted to see your butt
 [12:36] Endy giggles knowing Misha's love of nakedness and winks "you only have to ask brother"
 [12:36] Misha laughs
[12:36] Misha: but this is more fun
 [12:38] Endy smiles and points with the hoen knife to the basket he has been filling "I was just getting a good supply of grapes, my Master has said that your Master is willing for you to teach me some time how to make wine?"
[12:38] Misha: aye
[12:38] Misha: its very easy
[12:38] Misha: speaking of my master
[12:38] Misha: i need to go see him
[12:39] Endy points to the village wall "He went that way a short while ago, he made me jump, I almost cut myself with the knife"
[12:39] Misha: oh my
[12:39] Misha: thank you brother and safe paths
[12:40] Misha runs up kisses him on the cheek before he runs to his Master
[12:40] Endy smiles "safe paths, and handsome Masters to serve brother"
[12:45] Endy chuckles at Misha's joke and goes back to the vine, carefully pruning and picking the best grapes
 [12:48] Endy beginds to sing again to releave the boredom he feels in the back breaking task
 [12:49] Endy sings softly one of the tunes he has learned in the desert
[13:07] Endy stand slowly, his hand moving to his back, finding it stiff and sore from the days picking in the field, he picks up the basket deciding that there will be enough grapes for him to learn with Misha, and heads back to his Master's home promising himself a nice relaxing bath in the slave tub

Friday, 12 August 2011

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Have you done your chores?

Endy reads through the scroll checking that his brother, as a good first boy has obeyed their Master in completing the chores set for him that day and mentally ticks of his Master's orders in his head as he checks.

Content that the chores are completed and that their Master should be satisfied Endy purrs softly that his brother has been such a good boy, and goes about his own mundane chores for the day

Monday, 8 August 2011

Eyes wide open now...

Some choice leave us full of dispair
doubting, confused and questioning
now I know my choice was right
and that I am loved.

No more hurt
no more confusion
acceptance of what happened

Your words are now a leaf in the wind
soon blown away
the hurt you caused bandaged
and making me stronger by understanding
I wonder if a single honeyed word from your mouth was true.

Time does not remove the hurt wounds caused
it does not make things not exist
but it gives us time
to know
to grow
to love
to be loved
to learn
to understand
and grow stronger.

I understand now what people were saying
I understand what I turned a blind eye to
I understand where my foolishness lay
I understand reactions I could not before
and I know by those who mean it, I really am loved.

In words you have used before "Welcome to mute"

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mr Roo finally did the dirty!

I was worried, I thought he was destined to eat some honey and become a pet without ever making little chirpy noises in the grass.. only to wake up this morning to find a brand new nest waiting. 

He da daddy!

Heh, apparently my girls aren't good enough and he was hankering after one of Rivers.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Surrounded by breeders!


Our Master was given a gift recently by a grateful client, so my brother and I were given a gift...

soon our army will be ready to take over the world, mwaa haa haa haa....

Or, maybe we will just sell nests instead XD

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Sorry, I would like to put this into more of a story form - but doubt I would have time before I would forget where the NC was...

Hopefully my Master will blog what happened at the end.....

Endy looks around, his Master still trading, and his brother away at the stores on the island getting suitable silks for them with the number of free women that have recently been wandering around the village. He stokes his chin thoughtfully as he pauses outside in the sun
"beating the rug.. done, feeding and cleaning the bosk... done, hmmm.... cleaning the trade hall... done.... and too late in the day to open it for the last few merchants on the docks.... hm......."
Endy paused thoughtfully, resting on the posts of the washing line, then, looking at the trees, he decides to pick some cherries whilst he thinks, as he heard his Master talking about wanting to trade some of their rich delicious cherries from the tree in their yard with some of the local townsfolk or the trader on the other side of the island. He picks up the harvesting tool from it place resting against the tree and begin to havest, singing a soft lilting tune under his breath as he does so. "ah, of course" Endy suddenly cries out, "how stupid of me!" he thinks, realising that it is obvious what he should do.... the cherries on their own should be enough to tempt most people in the village... but... the cherries in a pie... mmmmmmm....” He picks up the basket he has filled with cherries, and walks back into the house, pushing the door open with his shoulder.
Endy looks around, the kitchen, hmm... eggs, flour... sugar.. heh cherries!... He then walks over to the cooler. “Milk.... ah and yes, butter, excellent!" he thinks. He loads a box full of the ingredients, their home oven too small for the size of the pie he has in mind, he mutters slightly as he puts on his tunic to spare the blushes of the village free women and he goes out of the house doors and walks through their front yard, ignoring the wolf whistle from ol' grumps

Endy sings a little melody as he walks toward the village and smiles as he reaches the village bakery, their own thankfully lit, but not in use and he moves over to the counter to begin preparations

Misha beams. “tal brother, whatcha cooking?”
Endy  smiles back. “ Greetings brother,” he replies. “Cherrypie brother”

“Oh yummy,” misha answers smacking his lips.

 “ Tal Endy,”

Endy yelps as he hears the Master's voice and puts his hand on the hot stove in error

"greetings Master" he says hurriedly. He taps the side of his head in annoyance looking in his box "I left the sugar at home! Can I borrow some of the villages?"

The blacksmith nods and grunts “sure Endy.”

Endy finishes the preparation, and places the pie in the oven to bake
After an appropriate time Endy grins happily as the pie is finally ready and takes a pair of oven gloves to take the pie home "hot, hot, hot hot.....". he kicks open the door of his master’s house and dives to the table to put down the hot pie that is beginning to make the over gloves uncomfortably hot. He then heads outside to pick more cherries, when he spies his Master standing looking at the tree, and hurries over to hug his Master "Greetings my Master"

Franziskus Ninetails looks up at the cherry-tree, then over his shoulder "Greetings, my lil moonbeam. We need cherries!"

Endy smiles "yes my Master, I’ve just picked some, and made a pie" He  nuzzles into his Master, having missed him during his Master’s long day trading

Franziskus Ninetails thinks for a few moments then says. “ hmmmm.... we have to fill the basket. I better help you, mine.  Did that man mention anything else he needs, my lil moonbeam?

Endy blushes "no my Master... I think that... he was more interesting in..." Endy tries to think of a diplomatic way of phrasing it... "In talking trader to trader"

River finishes up his chores, drying the last of the plates and placing them into the cupboard: he hangs the pans up above the stove then wipes his hands down his legs. River’s ears prick up as he hears his master and brother talking outside and he checks once more to make sure the house is spotless before he goes out to look for them

River greetings my master," river says moving to his master's feet, and kneeling

Franziskus Ninetails points to the basket "Grab the basket, my lil moonbeam, we are visiting that man you mentioned". He turns his head left and right "Where's your brother to help carrying... ah there he is! Greetings, my lil sunshine" Franziskus Ninetails scratches his chin "Hmmmm... you said, you made a pie, my lil moonbeam? Maybe we should take that too with us? As... gift for good trades...."

Endy nods, frowning slightly that they don’t get to try some of the pie themselves, but knowing it will be good for trading "Yes my Master," he strokes his brother's cheek as he goes inside to pick up the pie "greetings my brother"

River spies his brother over by the wood pile and smiles brightly. "Greetings, my brother. I wondered where the pie came from my master, it looks very tasty. How has your day been my master?”

Franziskus Ninetails waves his boys away, saying “We still have one in the chiller I think. You too run and grab a piece each of that before it gets bad before we walk north. Franziskus Ninetails teases his first boy's cock with his boot "Better that is, mine!", he giggles, then gently kicks his boy's butt with his boot "And now run before your brother eats the pie in the chiller alone!"

Not having to be told twice River jumps to his feet and runs towards the kitchen. “yes my master,” he answers as he goes.

Franziskus Ninetails grabs himself another cup of black wine while he's waiting for his slow boys to get ready.

River takes a slice of the pie and then stuffs it down fast then runs and gets his tunic.

Endy whimpers having forgotten to take a slice before he picked up the basket and looking hopefully at his brother.

“i am ready my master,” river says breathlessly having rushed around looking for his tunic.

Franziskus Ninetails counts the pieces of the pie in the chiller and frowns "You didn't take one, my lil moonbeam?"

“Can you carry the pie my brother? You will need the gloves as it is still hot" Endy asks river. He blushes and looks to the floor with embarrassment, "I forgot my Master" he admits

Franziskus Ninetails takes a piece of it and holds it to his second boy's mouth as his hands are full with the basket "Here, mine!"

River crosses to the table, lifting a rep cloth from the side and picks up the pie

Endy smiles gratefully and kisses his Master's hand subtly as he bites into the succulent pie. Kicks the door to the chilla shut with his foot

Franziskus Ninetails grunts a bit impatiently "Come now, boys! I wanted to be back before it gets dark!"

“Yes our Master,” Endy mutters subserviently.

River hurries after his master

“All well, Ol' Grumpy?”  Franziskus Ninetails asks as he passes his aged assistant :

Endy scorwls at grumpy, hoping with his Master there he won’t try to flirt. His eyes widen and he suddenly shouts. “ my Master RUN!”

Franziskus Ninetails as he turns around the corner hisses to his boys "Back to the house!" he draws his bow from his shoulders

River runs back to the house as ordered dropping the pie on the table and grabbing his bow from the weapons locker

Endy shivers "was..that...? sleen? big..." he says in panic

Franziskus Ninetails chases his boys into the house and draws his bow, his heart beating fast from meeting a sleen in the middle of the village

Geordie calls out a greeting through his translator" Greetings my friend"

Endy joins his brother in grabbing a bow

River runs back out to join his master

Endy "Grumpy, get inside!" ((note from river, a slave ordering a free!!! ))

Franziskus Ninetails hears a voice... metallic from a translator. He frowns, not sure who spoken there, mumbling to himself "A speaking sleen?"

Cookie chases the slave back up the steps with a hiss. Then rolls over keeping one eye on the stairs and a tongue flicking out to test the air..before flopping over for a half sleep

Franziskus Ninetails's grip at the bow gets even tighter as he sees a kur coming around the corner in addition to the sleen. A very un-gorean scream of surprise escaping his lips, “Aah!”

Geordie gives a low growl, hauling on the chain to drag the sleen up the steps.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The reason we build is love...

of others
of the joy of creation
of experimentation
of fun

(heh, the man's obsession with getting the flower just right reminded me of my Master a little XD )

Thank you my Master for all you are teaching me, and my brother for your patience *hugs both*

Monday, 4 July 2011

It's all Derren's fault!

I resisted when he posted that he wanted one...

I managed to resist when the handsome Tel bought Derren one.....

.... but.... the market to the OOC dance having a giant Meroo picture to tempt me...

it was just to much.... I admit, I'm weak....

I'z haz a Merroo too

Cute huh?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The boys are back in town...

Our Master today caught a Vulo and found a note attached...

So, now our Master has three boys on his chain once more - welcome back my brother!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not gonna think about you anymore...

You keep cropping up in my thoughts...

you keep effecting my mind so badly, screwing with the way I think now...

you are damaging my relationships with other.. because I think they will react like you, they will take things the way you took them, that they mean things the way you meant them...

So, that's it...

you are gone, today is the end, our everything is over, my mind is the last link that holds you close..

time to hit the "reboot" and be me once more...

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Time off

Well, it has been a long week.... RL has been very busy and tiring, I've missed things I wanted to go to (congrats again btw Tel and Der :oD ) and our Master is very busy making the new sim look wonderful (I will explain more one day, I promice)

So, our Master's boys have hidden from their chores for a few hours...

"and... relax"

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Land of the flying houses

There is something very weird about waking up and finding most of the houses on a sim floating in the air....

More information coming soon....

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


My wonderfull Master made a far better example of my brother and my branding than I could ever have done.

The full story of our branding is here

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Prequel part 2

(about an hour after starting to fan, and had been afk for about 10 mins))

Endy jumps with a start having been too deep in concentration to notice the first boy sneak up

Endy: "greetings brother"

misha Hellershanks: tal brother

misha Hellershanks: it is a nice cool spot here with you fanning

misha Hellershanks: tal my sister

Mynx : offering yourself to the gods Brother?
((Misha lay lying on the altar))

misha Hellershanks: no just my butt

Endy: I am sure Odin will appreciate it Misha

Mynx : Nods

misha Hellershanks: aye he will

misha Hellershanks: i am told i am a good fuck

Endy wishes he was not holding the fan so he could test the claim on behalf of Odin

misha Hellershanks laughs

Mynx : hehe

misha Hellershanks grins "i read your mind brother, naughty naughty

Endy looks over and almost drops the fan

((Mynx  had left a “mouse face” on from OOC))

Endy: "ummmmm......."

Endy: "Sister........"

Endy wonders how to phrase the question

Endy: ".... are you ill......"

Mynx : what?

Mynx : Why..o you say that?

Mynx : (oh it didnt come off)

((Mynx  realizes it and takes it off))

Endy blinks "I... think I must be more tired than I though... I hope my Master returns soon"

misha Hellershanks: i have to get going

Endy nods sadly

misha Hellershanks smlies

misha Hellershanks: love you guys

Endy: we love you to Misha

Endy grins

Endy: "Serve with fire" he giggles as he fans the flames

Mynx : Going to stay there all day brother?

Endy: Until my Master comes back Mynx

Endy: he told me to keep the fire very hot

Mynx looks at the fire "I have a feeling its going to end in some pain"

Endy looks puzzled "no, I think our Master just wants to do some roasting out doors"

Mynx eys him "I dont think so.."

Endy looks at her curiously "How do you mean? why else would he need the hot fire?"

Mynx looks inside the brazier for some kind of sticks or iron rods

Endy sees Mynx  looking at the irons "well, he needs somthing to stop the meat falling into the flames"

Mynx looks at him "This is to small for meat...and you’re only in a loin-cloth.."

Endy looks down, then at the mad girl "umm... you sure you are ok?"

Mynx turns and walks behind Endy and looks at his butt and gives it a light pat on his bottom "I think the meat is here"

Endy gasps "You think my Master has turned cannibal?

Mynx gigles as she leans over him and gives him a hug "No.. but i think something nice and hot will go on your ass"

Endy looks at her puzzled, trying to figure out why she thinks eating outside will get him opened

Mynx shakes her head "Even I dont have one but I’ve seen the other boys get them." she motions to the rods inside the fire "think your master plans on giving ya a brand" she shrugged "Your master be disrespecting mine if he meant to cook inside here"

Endy smiles "I have a brand sister" he motions with his chin towards his chest "Why, you think he would not invite your Master?"

Mynx looks to his chest "but most get branded on their bottom.. as well brother.." She wrinkles her nose "Not inside theses rocks..theses are scared area only used for ceremonies.. I doubt your master plans on disrespecting mine"

Endy smiles "ah, perhaps a sacrifice to Odin then"

Mynx shurgs "whatever you want to think brother...but i doubt it"

Endy rolls his eyes, "well, I am sure you can think what you want to think... "

Mynx shakes her head "well..ill be telling you told you so.. soon i am sure"

Endy smiles

Endy: "perhaps my brother, he has no Kef"

Mynx shakes her head "I don't think so"

Endy: "but,,, by Master did say he wanted some "yummy meat"

Mynx looks toward the docks "Well arnt you yummy meat" she looks him over a bit

Endy blushes "I don’t think so Mynx , I have not even been able to incite my Master's lusts enough for him to open me"

Mynx  wink at him "Oh i am sure that will change soon.."

Endy shrugs "from your mouth to Odins ear Sister"

Mynx smiles and sticks her tongue out "I think i know what I am talking about..been around you boys long enough and survied" she takes a few steps back "I need to go on some fishing"

Endy smiles "have you tried the beach, there is good fishing on the pier I believe"

Kyoka Setsuko is Online

Mynx nods "Yes But thats small game I am looking for something difernt o cook for Jarl"

Endy nods, thinking from the size of her Jarl that it would need to be huge as he is such a giant "There is good fishing on our docks I think, there was ever a shark the other day"

Endy: "umm.... not that I think you should try to land the shark"

Mynx : hehe Well Ill be watchful

Mynx : Take care Endy..and hope your ass wont hurt to much tonight

Mynx winks at him and waves

Endy smiles "well, you you are right... "

Endy blushes

Endy: "serve with fire"

Mynx : Serve with fire brother

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Franziskus Ninetails: come with me!

::Kool Door whispers: Franziskus Ninetails opened the door

Franziskus Ninetails points to the brazier "Grab that and come!"

Endymion Avalira: Yes My Master

Franziskus Ninetails looks at the brazier then at his boy, considering if he's strong enough to carry it

Endymion Avalira moans softly as he picks up the brazier

Franziskus Ninetails nods content as his boy carries the brazier, slowly though, but anyways

Endymion Avalira pauses for breath as they walk to the other side of the village

Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmmmmm, yes

Franziskus Ninetails: put it here, mine!

Franziskus Ninetails points to the ground at his feet

Endymion Avalira sighs happily to put down the brazier

Franziskus Ninetails: now go and fire the coals, my lil moonbeam

Endymion Avalira takes the firelighter, and sets the paper at the base of the coals alight

Franziskus Ninetails waits for his slave to burn a fire in the brazier to heat up the coals, then he takes two irons from his belt and puts their ends between the coals

Franziskus Ninetails: keep this fire hot for the next hours, my lil moonbeam, so the coals are glowing nicely

Endymion Avalira: Yes my Master

Endymion Avalira: you are wanting an outdoor roast my Master

Franziskus Ninetails nods and grins "Yes... kind of"

Franziskus Ninetails: Roasting yummy meat

Endymion Avalira smiles "You need me to go to the butcher my Master?"

Franziskus Ninetails: No, just care for the fire, mine

Endymion Avalira: "Yes my Master"

Franziskus Ninetails hugs his boy before he leaves to return to the house "I will be back later, my lil moonbeam"

Endymion Avalira: Yes my Master

Endymion Avalira: Don't forget the meat my Master

Franziskus Ninetails: I won't

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Damn Urts!!

::Kool Door whispers: Endymion Avalira opened the door (mem)

Endymion Avalira hums as he finishes handing the washing and goes to check the Ver

GM 4.02: Leech Plant hit you with Poisonous plant realistic V. 1.0 no copy (14%) - strike type: trap

Endymion Avalira yelps in pain, running through the bower trying to figure out what just hurt him

GM 4.02: Leech Plant hit you with Poisonous plant realistic V. 1.0 no copy (9%) - strike type: trap

GM 4.02: Leech Plant hit you with Poisonous plant realistic V. 1.0 no copy (13%) - strike type: trap

GM 4.02: Leech Plant hit you with Poisonous plant realistic V. 1.0 no copy (14%) - strike type: trap

Endymion Avalira whimpers looking around "grrrrr, there must be Urts in the grass, I will need to tell my Master" Endy carefully probes at his injured ankles worried by the small welts and wondering whether to see the green later

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ouch! What was that?

:Kool Door whispers: Endymion Avalira opened the door

GM 4.02: Leech Plant hit you with Poisonous plant realistic V. 1.0 no copy (9%) - strike type: trap

GM 4.02: Leech Plant hit you with Poisonous plant realistic V. 1.0 no copy (11%) - strike type: trap

Endymion Avalira yelps looking around trying to figure out what suddenly caused such pain in his ankle as he limps round the rest of the building to the bosk shed

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The dream.....


Mamba i am sorry to see your butt so red and sratched my brother ... does it hurt very much ?

Endy frowns "a bit... but not as much as knowing I failed our Master"

Mamba ooohh yes my brother ... did he allowed you perhaps to use some salve on the worst wounds my brother ?

Endy shakes his head "No my brother, he wanted to ensure the lesson was well learned"

 Mamba mmmhhh yes i see my brother ... sorry to hear that ...

Mamba  caresses softly his brother cheek smiling sweetly at him

Endy nuzzles into his brother's caress "It was my own fault"

 ::Kool door' Lever whispers: Endy pulls the lever 1, closing the door (leaving Mamba trapped between the door and the gate - an accident - honest)

Endy grins "oops"

Mamba  giggles

Endy chuckles and reaches through the bars and strokes his brothers cock

Mamba mmmhhh

Mamba  moans softly at his brother touch on the cock that immediately reacts

::Kool Door whispers: Mamba , this door can be opened only by lever 1 (lockpicking invalid)

Endy grins "my brother would like..... release"

Mamba mmhhhh if you touch me like this i wouldn't like release bro ...

Endy smiles as he removes his clothes, being once more at home

Endy teases and tickles Mamba's cock, tormenting him.

Endy smiles

Mamba  looks at his brother stripping naked in front of him and licks his upper lip

Mamba  pushes a hand through the bars and spanks his brother firm butt

Endy yelps as his brother reaches through the bars and spanks him

Mamba  grins

Mamba let me out bro ... please ...

Endy smiles

Mamba  grins evily

Endy: "but... this gives me sooooo many ideas my brother" Endy reaches through the bars again

Fervidly, Endy strokes Mamba's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Mamba mmmmhhhhhh

Mamba  quivers at his brother stroking his already hard cock

Endy smiles "brother is... impressive"

Endy teases and tickles Mamba's cock, tormenting him.

Endy grins

Mamba  feels helpless in that cage and looks at his brother blushing at his words

::Kool door' Lever whispers: Endy pulls the lever 1, opening the door

Endy smiles, "there my brother"

 Mamba thank you my brother i ... i will do anything you wish for your help and mercy

Mamba  smiles wide kissing softly his brother on the lips

Endy grins, hoping his brother never realises that he only had to open the door

Endy moans softly as his brother's kiss

Mamba  hugs his brother tighter caressing his back and kissing him with more passion hearing his moaning

Mamba  gently touches Endymion's nipple.

Endy runs his fingers through his brother's hair as they kiss

Endy smiles and whispers "your lips taste like earth honey"

Mamba  moans softly and inserts slowly his tongue in his brother's mouth, opening his lips slowly

Mamba  leans in and passionately kisses Endymion, causing his heart to skip a few beats.

Endy moans into his brother's kiss as their tongues explore each other

Endy leans in and passionately kisses Mamba.

Mamba  then pushes his tongue deep inside his brother's mouth and kisses him with all his passion while caressing his chest and nipples

Mamba  leans in and passionately kisses Endymion, causing his heart to skip a few beats.

Mamba  gently touches Endymion's nipple.

Mamba mmmhhhh

Endy groans softly, his body bucking at his brother's touch and pressing against him, begging for more, his hands sliding down to his brother's ass

Mamba  moans feeling their hard cock stroking together while hugging tight and bites softly his brother lower lip pulling softly his nipple rings

Endy: mmmmmmm

Mamba  pulls on Endymion's nipples, causing him to squirm.

Fervidly, Mamba  strokes Endymion's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Endy grabs his brothers ass in both hands, grinning and pulling his brother towards him

Mamba's ass is grabbed by Endy.

Mamba mmmmhhhh

Mamba  moans feeling pulled by his ass against his brother and sucks his brother tongue keeping it between his teeth and playing with it with his tongue tip

Endy licks his brother's lips, their crotches grinding against each other

With gentle but firm force, Mamba  grabs Endymion's cock and demands his attention.

Endy gropes Mamba's ass with both hands, squeezing and probing.

Endy: mmmmmmmm

Mamba  cannot resist more and feels his cock dripping precum so much it is excited, then grabs with a hand his brother hard cock beginning to stroke it slowly

Mamba  places a succulent fruit to Endymion's lips and watches as the juices run down his chin.

Mamba  gently draws Endymion's tongue out of his mouth and begins to suck on it.

Fervidly, Mamba  strokes Endymion's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Mamba mmmhhh so hard cock my brother

Endy gasps, his hips pressing into towards his brother at his touches

Endy grins and reaches for his brother's own penis "As if yours brother"

Fervidly, Endy strokes Mamba's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Mamba  begins to lick and bite softly his brother neck and then goes down licking his hard nipples twisting them softly between the teeths one after the other

Mamba  licks Endymion's neck sensuously, leaving a trail of moisture on his skin.

Mamba  sinks their teeth into Endymion's neck.

Endy kisses along his brother's neck squirming as his brother toys with his nipples and kisses his neck

Mamba  licks Endymion's nipples.

Endy nibbles on Mamba's neck.

Endy leans in close and nuzzles Mamba's neck.


Endy gently strokes his hand along his brother's chest, toying with his erect nipples

Mamba  bites a bit harder hsi brother's nipples and then hold with the hands the two rings pulling them softly while kneeling in front of his brother hard cock beginning to kiss the tip and to lick the shaft up to the balls

Endy gently touches Mamba's nipple.

Mamba  traps Endymion's nipple between their teeth as they bite gently.

Mamba  pulls on Endymion's nipples, causing him to squirm.

Mamba mmmmhhhhh

Endy moans loudly, blushing at the noise he just made

Mamba  licks over Endymion's glans

 Mamba mmmhhh your cock is so beautiful and it tastes so good my brother

Mamba  grabs his brother's balls massaging them and pulling them softly while opening his mouth and taking his brother tip all inside

Pinching the head of Endymion's cock, Mamba  grins when Endymion jumps slightly.

Tenderly, Mamba  slides a single moist finger around the head of Endymion's cock and tugs gently.

Endy thrusts his hips forwards, his brother's warm mouth feeling so exciting to him, he grips his brother's hair "mmmm brother, you are making me so hot... I don;t know about you... but I am... in danger of disobeying our Master"

Mamba Hair whispers: Endy gives Mamba a deep scalp massage.

Mamba mmmhhhh my brother

Mamba  sucks all his brother cock feeling it deep in his throat with the lower lip kissing his brothers balls

Fervidly, Mamba  strokes Endymion's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Endy grips his brother's shoulders "mmmmm.... brother, you are so good.... I... I... am so close"

Endy gives Mamba a deep, strong shoulder massage.

Mamba mmhhh

Mamba  feels his brother's cock pulsing in his mouth and stops with the cock down the throat at his brother's words, keeping his breath as much as possible
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Endy grabs Mamba's nipple and twists it.

Endy tries to pull away, "We... will... get... in.... trouble...." even as he speaks his hands reach down to toy with his brother's nipples

Mamba  moans at your nipples stroking and feels his cock dripping loads of precum on the floor ... cannot resist more and begins to fuck his brother cock with his mouth and throat ... slowly ... trying not to make his brother cum ...

Mamba  licks over Endymion's glans

Endy groans trying to think of anything that will take his mind of his brother making his lust rise so high, his hands tweaking at his brother's nipples

Endy pulls on Mamba's nipples, causing her to squirm.

Mamba  grabs his brother nipples and squeezes them while sucking slowly all his brother hard dick, then licks all his cock making it wet with saliva and reaches his brother full balls sucking both of them and pulling them with his mouth

 Mamba  grabs Endymion's nipple and twists it.

Mamba  licks over Endymion's glans

Endy toys with his brother's hair as he sucks and torments his balls

Mamba Hair whispers: Endy gives Mamba a deep scalp massage.

Mamba  moans and goes back to his brother hard and pulsing cock beginning to suck it faster

Fervidly, Mamba  strokes Endymion's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.

Mamba  looks up at his brother feeling his cock pulsing again in the mouth and stops with a grin begiining to lick softly his brother and edging him again up to the limit

 Mamba  licks over Endymion's glans

Mamba  pushes his brother down on the rug and kisses him with passion feeling the pressure of both their hard cocks on the stomach

 Endy moans as his brother forces him down, lying on top of him, their bodys entwined

Endy kisses his brother, their bodys sweaty and lubricated rubbing against each other

Endy leans in and passionately kisses Mamba.

Mamba  kisses his brother back with passion hoping that their seed will be shared soon together

Endy kisses at his brothers shoulder, nibbling softly, moaning as he feels his body losing control

Endy leans in close and nuzzles Mamba's neck.

Endy nibbles on Mamba's neck.

Mamba  quivers at his brother kisses on his neck and holds him down harder while biting softly his lower lip and then both his nipples

Mamba  traps Endymion's nipple between their teeth as they bite gently.

Mamba  leans close to Endymion and seductively sucks on his lower lip.

Endymion shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

Endy yells as his seed is finally released, his seed squirting between he and his brother

Mamba mmmmhhhh

Endy: hmmmm.....ooohhhh

Mamba  feels the warm seed of his brother on his cock and belly, then turns around and licks it all over hios brother belly, cock and balls

Mamba mmmhhh so tasty your seed my brother ... so good ...

Mamba  pushes his hard cock in his brother's mouth fucking it deep

Endy giggles feeling his brother licking along such ticklish spots, as his brother moves he shifts slightly so he can finally taste his brother

Endy licks over Mamba's glans

Mamba  feels his brother warm mouth on his wet cock and fucks his brother throat deeper and faster feeling near to cum while swallowing all his brother's cum

Endy strokes his brother's ass as his tongue bathes his brother's cock and balls


Endy licks over Mamba's glans

Mamba  moans loud

Endy gropes Mamba's ass with both hands, squeezing and probing.


Endy licks between his brothers balls and ass, gradually taking a taste of his brother's sweet hole

mamba ass is licked by Endy.

Mamba  opens his brother's legs pushing his mouth in between and beginning to lick deep his brother's asshole

Endy: hhhmmmm sooo tasty my brother

 Mamba  moans and tonguefuck his brother asshole tasting his so good flavour

Endy moans sending vibrates through his brother's body as he licks his brothers sweet cherry

mamba ass is licked by Endy.

Endy: hmmmm.... you are so hot my brother

Endy gropes Mamba's ass with both hands, squeezing and probing.

Mamba shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

Mamba  fucks his brother faster and deeper in the throat while licking his brother's asshole deep and pulling his balls with both hands


Endy groans as his brother's seed flows down his chin and onto his chest

Mamba  cums in loads in his brother mouth and down in his throat

Endy: hmmmhmhmhmmm yes my brother

Mamba ooooohhhh

Mamba so so good my brother ...

Endy grins and slaps his brother's ass

mamba ass is spanked by Endy.

Mamba  smiles and lies down near his brother caressing softly his chest, then kisses him deep sucking some of his brother's cummed saliva and swalloing it with a grin

Endy closes the distance to Mamba and kisses him gently on the lips.

Endy kisses his brother's lips softly

Mamba  gently draws Endymion's tongue out of his mouth and begins to suck on it.

Mamba  closes the distance to Endymion and kisses him gently on the lips.

Mamba mmmhhh

Mamba  gave you Tarsk furring rug.

Endy nuzzles into his brother's neck holding him close

Endy leans in close and nuzzles Mamba's neck.


The cums slowly cools on Franz leg released by one of his boys in a excited dream state