Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Master's going to kill me.......

Endy sits reading a book in front of the fire, enjoying the warmth with Binx on his lap, gently stroking the noisy fur-ball as he slumbers.

"We need to get you a bed, don't we sweetie?" Endy says, thinking of the number of small scratches on his bare leg from Binx's clawing in his dreams "Time to go shopping I think."

Endy reluctantly puts on some clothes to guard against the winter cold, and heads out into the cold.

In the shop Endy looks around, giggling at the amount of people that must spoil their pets - castle, and ship, and space station beds! He finally spies a simple basket with a cushion that will be big enough for both Hafnir and Binx together.

On the way to a counter, he grins seeing Halloween pet costumes, marked down for the post Halloween sales, then giggles as he notices a costume next to it, adding it to the basket chuckling at the thought of how Binx will look when he gets home.

As he heads towards the counter, Endy hear a soft whining, looking round, he quickly finds the source. The shop-keeper, a hard nosed man, mean and scar-face growls seeing the boys attention "Can't sell him! Useless he is, his bitch of a mother got to close to a wolf pack and got knocked up, only one of  the litter that survived and I'm stuck with the useless bugger as no-one will buy 'im with wolf blood in him."

Endy stares at the puppy for moment, lying on a toy sledge...

"Gonna 'ave to put 'im down soon" grunts the shop-keeper, appraising the boy, and already estimating that he will be soft enough "He costs to much to keep if 'e ain't gonna sell.." then looking at the boy he adds, knowing that it may tip the scales in his favor "..might do it tonight as a matter, no point in putting it off"

Endy, stares, wide eyed at the puppy, horrified at the shop-keeper callous attitude towards the life of a creature, then thinking about the coins he has, whispers "How much would he be?"

"ah, well, for you..." the shop-keeper names an absurd price, then as Endy's eyebrows shoot up "Don't give me that look lad, it don't matter who 'is father was, 'is mother's a good line.... course... if you don't want 'im" the shop-keeper draws a finger across his throat.

"I... I... I'll take him" Endy says hurriedly, glad he came with plenty of case, and taking it out of his pocket, quickly slams it down on the counter, and grabbing up the puppy in one arm, whispers to it "No-ones going to hurt you" and hurries out the door wanting to be as far away from the odious man as possible, hugging the puppy close and tucking it under the cover of his coat to keep it warm. Half way home he realizes he forgot to pay for the costume and bed still in his other hand, but thinking of the shop-keeper, he growls "Serves him right!".

At home Endy places the puppy on the floor, and set up the bed for Hafnir and Binx, listening as he hear the puppy chasing Hafnir around, muttering under his breath "About time that bully had someone chasing HIM around", then grabbing the puppy, holds it in front of him, and stares into its eyes for a moment.

"Your name is 'Haku' " he whispers to it, then his face contorts ".. phew, and you stink of that shop, lets go wash you"

As he washes Haku, he does not notice his brother quietly come in from his chore, oblivious to him until he hears his brother's voice behind him saying "What. The. Hell. Is. That?"

"Crap..." Endy whispers under his breath.....

Saturday, 10 November 2012

How long have I been asleep?

Endy fell asleep in his favorite spot, and woke up feeling cold, and no wonder, it's snowed!!

Heh, no we have started "winter" on our little island, the lake and beach thankfully have not frosted over yet, but Endy's favorite spot, the house and the market have.

Heh, been pretty shattered recently, between long days, overtime, and traffic jams I have not had that much time since my holiday to catch up on "myself"

Now, I have time, I am relaxing..... and took photos whilst my Master and brother are away.

Only problem is, no more walking round naked, don't want icicles!

Now..... how to make yellow snow and convince someone it is lemon ice-cream.....

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Moving again

Can Gor entice us back again?

Can we finally find people who can actually roleplay?

Well, we will soon find out...

in the mean time... I love the view - more photos via River to be blogged shortly I suspect XD

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Salute to Samal Scavola

For those who do not know yet, Scavola is the excellent writer of the Duke series of books.

Ok, the (main) many forms of Endy in Second life.

Fully human, snuggling with my Master.

Semi-human (formal - OMG, one of the few times I have shoes on) :

Semi-human (informal) :

After early morning run :

And...... SQUIRREL!!!!!

 There are more "furry" AVs, but to be honest, I prefer either human, or fully shifted.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Congratulations my brother!

Well done to my brother who after much hard work has completed his manor house.

More information can be found here


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Some rope, and some old slave wine....

Sometimes it seems so long...

Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday...

I always have problems trying to put it into words, how I feel, what I think...

Everyday, even if I have had a truly awful day just seeing you both lifts me..

I was in such a bad place at the time,and tragically for part of it I could not even see it..

Everyday I get to spend with you is special, and I love being with you both...

My Master. My brother. I love you both so much, and I am sorry if I do not say it enough.


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fancy a dance?

Tonight, I went dancing at Big Momma's ball room and even got to dance with the delectable Big Momma herself.

I must admit, I went into wall-flower mode for most of the dances, Endy like to just listen to the music and watch the dancers most of the time.

They have great music, EXCELLENT dances, and a stunning room (T & D, yes, I love yours too! )

*grins* I even wore shoes *shock horror*

Monday, 27 February 2012

eeeeekkkkkk!!!! spiders!!!!!!

ok, confession time...

I am a grown adult, I am mature, sophisticated, literate.... and still get spooked when a spider appears out of no-where (my sisters fault)

So, today I logged onto second life, checked my mail, looked down..... and screamed!

Stop laughing, its not my fault my Master has put a script in them so they move of their own accord...

*Endy hugs his arms round his knees* "The spiders can't get me, the spiders can't get me, the spiders can't get me..." he whispers to himself.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

A year ago (ummm.... almost)

A year and two day ago (yes, I am late) my beloved Master and brother took me onto the CHAIN.

So much has happened in this last year, and some things I think I would not have stayed in second life without them helping me through.

I am deeply honored and blessed to have both in my life.

*Endy smiles* how strange that a chance encounter, and a eye widening moment or two (ask River) led to such a privilege

*Endy grins* and my Master too me out dancing for a special treat in Tel and Dee's new dance hall (thank you both for the load of the hall for a night)

Thank you my Master for taking me onto your collar, and my brother for putting up with me.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Sometime words are not enough, "if a picture can paint 1000 words........"

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"Master is always right"

A new title, and something I need to remember more and more....

love you my Master, love you my brother

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Time for change?....

Well, a series of coincidences led me to the discovery of a new (?) viewer called Exodus. Part of it was on the recommendation of one of the Bloch clan, Cessy, who I have been talking to OOC (she wanted me to guninee pig a Valentines heart she is making) I have only met her brother so far IC, but they are good fun from talking to them ooc and reading their adventures (though it takes me forever to figure out what they are saying) anyway, she persuaded me that it was worth trying if nothing else....

I must admit that I was not convinced at first, the details for it were pretty similar to firestorm, and firestorm to be honest of late has been less and less impressive, to the point that their latest update got removed from my computer and I went back to the beta version.

I have to confess... I was actually impresses straight away, the time taken to log in was a lot quicker, and the time taken to rezz in was impressive considering it was it's first time loading in.

So, to test it out, went ooc and ran around a bit, and did some side by side comparisons, both are on graphics low setting, particles set to 2000 and draw distance set to 200.

So, first things first, out side our house on Exodus. Pretty much the whole lot had loaded which was good, water effect and land textures are there even on low setting. I also discovered that it has a really nice interface for adding and removing buttons, a lot less cumbersome than firestorm and V2, and you can chose as to whether the button(s) are on the side, bottom or top of your screen, or you can even place them on different sections.

Now the same on Firestorm :
Despite standing around for a while to give it some time you will see some of the stuff still had not loaded (yes, I know the other photo does not show the houses, but they had loaded, you will have to take my word for that one).

Ok, so next, back into the house. And random Meeroo shot :
Exodus :

So, did a bit of a run to the local swamp to see how it did on an area that has a lot of scripts and particles.

I think this one really demonstrated the difference between the two "low" settings, Exodus so far is waaay in the lead. Not only is low a lot crisper on exodus (I normal only that sort of graphics on "high" or more) but I could really feel the difference in running - usually running is a bit juddery, half the time I cant see where I am going, and if I am running a lot I can feel my laptop pushing out the heat (there has been at least one bow practice session with my Master and brother when I have had to ask to stop because I could even feel the heat from where my hands where on the keyboard) in Exodus there was no judder for normal running, some of the higher textured items take a moment to load but I can see well as I run, and my computer does not really seem to be putting out any more heat than it does in SL generally.

Next I tested sim boundaries, ran from tropics in fields, back into tropics, then into highlands. Cant say there was a huge difference, so that I think is either a weak point for both, or just an LL issue.. I can pretty much guess its LL :D

So, random highlands house :
Interestingly Exodus did not do so well on this one, but perhaps that is why it loads quicker for the foreground stuff... though I believe the castle is temp rez to save on prims, so it could also have been an issue with the castle itself that rectified between swapping viewers- will have to check that out another time.

Ok, on to the dreaded Isle of Tabor, I must admit I don't rp there much, partially due to weapons laws meaning slave are at risk there, but mainly because I can hear my fan straining the second I cross the sim barrier, I lagg like mad, and its not so much juddering as making leaps, it can be like watching the old black and white silent films where you seem to miss half the frames. So, Exodus really impressed me here, there was
a little of the judder I got from normal running on Firestorm, but nothing like the issues I normally have.

I tried an experiment here. The slavery normally takes forever to load, so I did a random test. Exodus took about 40 seconds, Firestorm just over a minute.

From here I tried one more experiment, tping back to "home" Which is our kitchen in Gor, and counting the difference in rez times, Exodus managed it in about 30 seconds, firestorm in over a minute 

So, think for now I am going to try out Exodus, and experiment with the settings for a while.

In term of what is going on, sorry I have not blogged in a while, please check out River's blog for the latest information about what has been going on (RIVER THINKS I'M FAT!!!!!)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

I still miss you...

Well, I logged in today to find I have now sold 13 of the Winter's Lantern XD

Then did some follow up customer service, then got paid a nice amount for a "copy" version as one of the buyers wanted to use about another 30 (!!) in her new sim but did not want to have to have to unbox it 30 times.

So, sent her a "sneak peak" of Testimo's tower (I will get round to getting it on market place.... I will... I will...) and she loved it - so found the video of Cocyrus for her to show her what it looked like.